Indonesian Bamboo Furniture Bali Handicrafts and Home Decors by Balinese Craftsman and Bali Crafts Factory. Supplier and Exporter Company

Bali Handicrafts from Indonesia. CV MAYA BALI Indonesian manufacturer company for furniture and Indonesian handicrafts. Woven furniture from Indonesia. Bali Handicrafts Indonesia a registered Indonesian manufacturer company for furniture and Indonesian handicrafts. Water Hyacinth Furniture Indonesia. Banana Furniture. Furniture made in Indonesia from organic materials such as wood combined with rattan wicker, banana fibers abaca, natural fibers of seagrass, Waterhyacinth, Banana ropes and Rattan Peel by Indonesian furniture manufacturer company with furniture factory in Java Indonesia. Supplier of water hyacinth furniture. Furniture Indonesia wholesale.

Bamboo furniture from Bali Indonesia. Bali bamboo furniture. Chairs and table bamboo furniture for living room, bed room including bamboo beds and shelves. Don't forget the bamboo furniture living room with cushions. We have complete bali bamboo collections such as bamboo tables, bedroom furniture, tiki bars or gazebos. We have bamboo steamer, lounge and even bamboo home decors for example bamboo lamp shades, bamboo candles with bamboo poles fence or mirror frames or painting frames. Of course our main products is bamboo furniture not bamboo crafts, which is good to fill the empty space of the container when you buying our bamboo furniture. We're bamboo furniture factory and manufacturer, so expect wholesale price with export quality.

Bamboo furniture from Bali Indonesia. Bali bamboo furniture. Chairs and table bamboo furniture for living room, bed room including bamboo beds and shelves

Indonesia Homeware. Bali homeware and kitchenware made of wood and rattan or wicker cane. Kitchenware or utensils including rattan coasters, ata placemates, sono keling ebony wood salad spoon sets with mother of pearl sea shell, wooden dishes and plates, carved wood bowls and bamboo trays. Homeware from Lombok. Rattan crafts from Lombok Indonesia.

Rattan homeware Lombok Indonesia

Rattan Wood Boxes Bali

Rattan Wood Boxes Bali

INDONESIAN HANDICRAFTS WHOLESALE Balinese Grass Wicker Handwoven Boxes Trays

Rattan Boxes LomboK

Rattan Jewelry Boxes

Rattan Jewelry Boxes

Lombok Home Accessories

Lombok Home Accessories

Wooden Placemats Trays

Wooden Placemats Trays

Carved Wood Bowls Bali

Wood Bowls Bali Homeware

Terracotta Coasters Lombok Pottery

Terracotta Coasters with Eggshell


Wooden DIshes Bowls


Wood Homeware Bali

Wood Homeware Bali

Placemats Handicrafts Indonesia

Placemats Handicrafts Indonesia

Manufacturer Bali Indonesia Crafts

Handwoven Palm Leaf Boxes

Lombok Handicrafts

Wooden Boxes Crafts Indonesia

Handmade Coaster & Napkin Rings from Lombok Indonesia

Natural Coasters Placemats

Handwoven Baskets & Boxes

Woven Baskets Indonesia


Carved Wood Tissue Boxes

Coconut Wood Crafts Indonesia

Coconut Wood Spoon Sets

Mosaic Glass Plates from Bali

Mosaic Glass Plates from Bali


Tools Boxes Egg Baskets


Teak Wood Bowls


Magazine Baskets

Painted Wood Ducks Indonesia

Photo No.1
Painted Wood Ducks Indonesia

Natural Books Bali

Photo Album Code: BLBP30-1
Photo Albums from Bali

Balinese Wood Carvings Craftsmen

Wood Carvings Producer and Craftsmen in Bali Indonesia


Bali Wood Hand Chairs


Wood Surfboard Chair

Bali handicrafts Indonesian Arts Crafts. Catalog of souvenirs and gifts items from Bali Java and Lombok. Homeware and decors as ornaments and home accents wholesale company. Accessories and handycrafts manufacturer company.

Balinese Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia Wooden Statues

Wood Carvings from Bali. Wooden statues and carvings. Balinese wooden carvings. Solid wood carved wood animals, buddha, dragons etc.

Lampshades Lampholders Lighting Indonesia

Lightings lamps and lampshades from Bali Indonesia. Fibreglass lamp shades, bamboo shades and torch for lampholders.

Homeware from Indonesia Home Ware Products Accents Accessories Decorations

Homeware from Indonesia. Home ware for bowls plates trays baskets and placemates with boxes. Kitchenware and utensils

Painted Glass Mosaic Handicrafts from Bali

Painted glass mosaic handicrafts Bali Indonesia. Terracotta ceramic with handpainted mirror glass mosaic. Mosaic bowls plates mirror frames dishes.

Balinese Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia Wooden Statues

Cheap handicrafts and souvenirs with arts crafts as gifts from Bali Indonesia. Wood handycrafts carvings Balinese

mirror frames from Indonesia

Mirror frames from Bali Indonesia. Wooden frame as hanging mirror made of wood, rattan, natural materials stones.

Carved wood tree trunk from Bali. Balinese wood carving made from tree trunk. Painted Bamboo ducks Indonesia. Hand painted bamboo root ducks with antique colors. Painting wooden ducks from Java Indonesia. Browse our catalog of bamboo root wood ducks. WOOD HAND CHAIRS AND TABLES FROM BALI INDONESIA . Chairs and tables furniture from Bali Indonesia. Wooden chairs and tables in shape of hand or palm. Very unique and attractive. Made by skill hand of Balinese craftsmen. Also available wooden hand tables with glass top. Single or double hand table with glass top. Remember that we sell this wooden hand tables WITHOUT the glass top. If you need the glass top, we're able to supply you. Carved Wood Products from Bali Indonesia. SURFING BOARD CHAIR FROM BALI INDONESIA . Wooden chair made of two pieces of surfing board. Knock down and strong. Surf board chairs furniture made in Indonesia. Made of mahogany or teak wood. Made to order only. Production takes more than two weeks. Unique beach furniture made in Indonesia. Surfboards chair furniture suitable for shops, hotels, or cafe located near the beach. To order this surfboard wood chair furniture, please send your inquiry to us.

Teak Bowls from Java Indonesia. Teak bowls from Indonesia. Wooden bowls made of teak tree root wood from teak plantations in Java Indonesia. Beautiful shapes and wood texture. Suitable as fruits bowls or salad bowls. Kitchenware made of teak wood. Teak wood planters. The large bowls suitable to use as garden planters and vases. Strong enough to use in outdoor garden, patio or lawn. Eco friendly home decors. Since these bowls made of teak wood taken from teak plantations, this teak wood bowls is a green products, environmentally home accessories. Teak plantations is a renewable source for teak wood. Owned and managed by Indonesian government. Burl Wood Bowls . Tree Stump Bowls

Teak Wooden Balls from Java Indonesia. Teak balls from Indonesia. Wooden ball made of teak tree root wood. Very old and antique look. Suitable as natural accent for your home and garden. This wooden balls also very strong, suitable as outdoor patio decoration. These large balls from teak wood will last for years without much maintenance. Java teak balls. If you need teak wood balls, contact us. We give quick response. Call/fax (62 361) 409 3326 Skype: cvmaya Cel: (62 81) 79731022

Natural books including all kind of stationary made of natural materials including banana skin leaves with other organic materials. All handcrafted in Bali Indonesia by skill photo albums craftsmen. Stationery including photo albums, notebooks, journal and phone books. We're able to make this natural stationary with almost any kind of design. Simply email us your design, we'll make it for you.

Homeware from Indonesia. Home accessories from Indonesia. Home decors and home improvment products made of various natural materials including rattan, wicker, cane, waterhyacinth, pandanus, rice husk, grass fibers, sea grass, wood, stone, coconut rib etc. All made in Indonesia. Browse our catalog of homeware from Indonesia.

Homeware from Indonesia

Rattan Placemats Indonesia
Homeware Products

Homeware and Home accessories products from Indonesia

Homeware and Home accessories products from Indonesia

Jewelry Displays in Wood from Bali Indonesia Wood necklace busts jewelry holders stands

Jewelry Displays in Wood from Bali Indonesia
Wood necklace busts jewelry holders stands

Bali Handicrafts


Bali Wood Carvings

Bamboo Ducks

Bamboo Ducks

Wood Bowls Bali Indonesia Wooden Bowls Fruit Bowls

Large Wood Bowls

Natural Photo Albums

Photo Album Factory in Bali Indonesia

Handcrafted Albums

Teak Root Furniture

Teak Root Furniture Java Indonesia

Log Furniture
Rustic Furniture

Bali Shells Jewelry and Bali Shells Accessories. Bali Fashion Accessories Costume Jewelry from Bali Indonesia. Beads necklaces with mother pearl shell pendant. MOP shell necklaces. Bali Beads Jewelry. Visit for Pearl Shell Necklaces

Fossilized Stone Candle Holders Iron Vases from Indonesia
Handicrafts made in Indonesia: Petrified wood stone candle holders iron vases. These home decor products are made in Java island of Indonesia. Java is an island next to Bali island. In Java especially Yogyakarta or jogjakarta there're many kind of handicrafts, home decors, home garden accessories products. Yogjakarta has crafts villages like Bali. Looking for Indonesian handicrafts? Indonesian arts crafts? Indonesian home decorations? jogja is the right place!

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Wood crafts and furniture from Bali Indonesia. Our company CV Maya Indonesia located in Bali and Java Indonesia. We're able to supply you with handicrafts and furniture made in Indonesia. Handicrafts home decorations ornaments and accessories made of natural materials such as wood stone rattan wicker coconut stick etc.

Furniture made in Indonesia. Furniture for indoor and outdoor. Home living room garden patio and lawn. Teak root furniture factory. Table chairs, bench, cabinet or coffee table made of teak tree log.

Teak root furniture from Java Indonesia. We're the No.1 source for teak root furniture. Natural furniture made of teak root. Bench lounger table chairs made of teak tree root wood.

Bamboo ducks from Indonesia. This is wooden duck made of bamboo root combined with teak wood. Are you bamboo ducks importer company searching for bamboo root ducks manufacturer factory wholesaler supplier and exporter ? Bamboo wood ducks producer craftsmen ? Bamboo ducks made in Indonesia.
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