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Our crafted ducks are made from eco-friendly bamboo root wood mixed with teak or acacia wood. Each wooden duck is special and has its own pose & character guaranteed to make you smile. Carefully made from eco-friendly bamboo root. These lovely additions are perfect for adding some fun to any area, also making special presents for duck fans. Pick from three cute poses to bring nature's magic home with our life-sized Wooden Ducks the ideal whimsical touch Eco-friendly bamboo root material wearing colorful rain boots decorated with white spots is sure to bring some color and personality to any decoration. The careful workmanship captures the spirit of playful beauty. Choose your boot color Hand-made and hand-painted ducks and feathered pals that make great presents and special home decorations. Each piece is carved by hand in Indonesia, using locally collected bamboo roots and leftover pieces that would otherwise be thrown away. Each bird gets its own unique name! Makes a great present for bird and nature enthusiasts. Carved from bamboo root wood, the mixing of wood patterns make these lively ducks immediate textural additions to a space. They are small enough to fit on a bookshelf. Put them on a pile of coffee table books for a fun show. Color and texture in wood will differ and natural gaps and subtle openings add special character to your piece.

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These stunning hand-carved bamboo ducks feature green and blue flower motifs, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Each duck is distinct because they are hand-painted, so the colors might differ slightly from the pictures. When you purchase these bamboo ducks, you are supporting ethical trade. Fair trade is a straightforward way to significantly impact the lives of the artisans who create these products. We directly negotiate prices with the makers and regularly review them, considering the costs of raw materials and local economic conditions. This ensures that artisans receive fair compensation for their labor. All our bamboo ducks are crafted and painted by skilled artisans. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices and aim to reduce our impact on future generations. Most of our items are made from bamboo, acacia, and teak wood, which grow rapidly and can be ready for carving in a few years. Many of our suppliers harvest wood from their own land. Each bamboo duck is meticulously handcrafted, highlighting the intricate details that make these wooden sculptures so unique. These bamboo ducks are not only visually appealing but also bring positive energy and love into your space, making them an excellent addition to any decor, including Feng Shui settings. Made from sustainable bamboo, these ducks support eco-conscious living. They are attractive and help you create a more environmentally friendly home. These delightful wooden duck figurines can enhance the decor of your living room, bedroom, office, or any space needing a touch of charm and romance. Each duck is unique, with its own individual characteristics, ensuring you own a truly distinctive piece of art. Delight your loved ones with a meaningful and sentiment-rich bamboo duck sculpture. These ducks are perfect gifts for housewarmings, anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasion. Each piece is hand-carved by artisan families in Indonesia and Bali using basic tools like chisels. Because they are handcrafted, wood grain and color may vary slightly, making each duck one-of-a-kind. We have many other delightful accessories available in our shop, with new items added frequently. Browse through and find more beautiful, handcrafted pieces to enhance your home.

  • Wholesale only. Minimum order US$ 1000/shipment apply
  • Sea freight port to port to any major shipping port worldwide
  • 30 to 50% deposit required to start production
  • Payment by Bank Transfer only
  • We are registered export company in Bali and Java Indonesia. Export worldwide since 2001
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Wooden Ducklings Made from Bamboo: These pretty ducks are made by hand from bamboo roots. Since each duck is made individually, they might look a bit different from the pictures and may have some natural flaws because real bamboo root is used. They've been covered with a shiny layer so you can put them inside or outside. Carved from a single piece of bamboo root with bits of natural acacia wood, this duck will look nice in your home. A skilled worker from Java made this fun statue, showing the duck in clothes and boots with grassy laces. Our carved Bamboo Duck is ready for a rainstorm with its bright boots. The texture of our special hand-carved bamboo ducks is really smooth and fancy, but those big colorful boots mean you shouldn't take them too seriously. Each Bamboo Duck is different, with changes in the texture. Darker heads and necks stand out, and shiny eyes keep an eye on everything. Made by hand in Indonesia. Hand-carved bamboo duck sculpture Unique and lovely texture Bamboo duck wearing rain boots Fun yard and garden decoration Good for outside or inside display.

Rustic Natural Bamboo Duck
Bamboo Root Wood Ducks

Bali Java Indonesia Wood Ducks

Charming bamboo ducks in boots. These ducks are handmade from bamboo roots in Java, Indonesia, and are a fair trade product. Each bamboo duck is carved and finished with great care, making them a delightful addition to any home and a perfect gift. Crafted from bamboo roots, these popular bamboo ducks come in many fun styles. We have pirate ducks, surfing ducks, skiing ducks, bikini ducks, suited ducks, and wedding couple ducks, to name a few. Each bamboo duck is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled artisans in Indonesia. Because they are handmade, the paintwork on each bamboo duck might differ slightly from the photos. These unique bamboo ducks, carved from the root of the giant bamboo, look fantastic in the garden or by the entrance of your home. The collection includes rustic bamboo ducks with webbed feet, available in various finishes: natural, hand-painted, or stained wood for UV protection, in either a clear or golden oak finish. Every bamboo duck is handcrafted, making each one unique with its own character and pose. Our duck ornaments come in a range of sizes, from small ducklings to large ducks standing up to 46 cm tall. We also offer family groups of ducks in sets of five, four, three, or two. Each bamboo duck is one of a kind due to its handmade nature, and for a small fee, you can add a personalized name tag to make your gift extra special. Poses may vary slightly from the illustrations. We also have wooden ducks with colorful wellies. These bamboo ducks come with bodies made from bamboo root and a variety of finishing styles. They are available in different sizes and combinations, with designs including spots, flowers, or solid colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, green, and black. These ducks are designed to be UV-protected and water-resistant. Our decorative bamboo ducks include fun and novelty designs like pirate ducks, chef ducks, superhero ducklings, wine holder ducks, and Santa ducks. Each piece is carved by hand from locally harvested bamboo offcuts that would otherwise go to waste, making them environmentally responsible. We work with talented sculptors and artists in Indonesia, where each bamboo duck is individually hand-carved from bamboo root. Our ducks are made from bamboo wood, creating natural and unique pieces. New ducklings are now available with painted wellies, made in Bali under fair trade conditions. These cute bamboo ducks make perfect ornaments for your home, each hand-carved with tiny painted boots. These bamboo ducks not only bring a touch of whimsy to your d├ęcor but also support fair trade and sustainable practices. Enjoy the charm and character of these handcrafted bamboo ducks, each one telling a story of skilled craftsmanship and creativity.

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