Rattle Drums Wood Shakers

Extensive collection of handmade wooden musical instruments made with passion and craftsmanship in Indonesia. Our percussion product range includes maracas, karimbas, hand drums, rattles, and various other captivating instruments that are perfect for you.Shipping export quality products from Indonesia since 2001.

Rattle Drums Wooden Shakers from Indonesia Bali Java
Rattle Drums Wooden Shakers from Indonesia Bali Java

Marakas Shakers Musical Crafts

Handmade musical instruments from Bali Indonesia. Crafted with passion and expertise by traditional craftsmen in remote villages in Java and Bali Indonesia, these instruments combine quality, tradition, and educational value to create an unforgettable musical experience for children. Our wood rattle drum is a must-have for children's music exploration. Its engaging design and rhythmic sound make it a favorite among kids of all ages. Perfect for music schools, toy stores, and educational institutions. The monkey drum is a delightful instrument loved by children worldwide. Handcrafted with colorful designs, it stimulates creativity and rhythmic play. An ideal choice for early childhood education and a playful addition to school classrooms. Our hand twist monkey drum offers versatility as a percussion instrument and a rattle shaker. With its unique design and multiple ways to play, it encourages exploration and musical expression. Painted Rattan Maraca: Hand-painted and crafted for captivating sounds.

Pair of Carved Gourds: A traditional percussion instrument with a rustic charm. Wooden Egg Shaker, Tie Dyed Egg Shaker, Painted Egg Shaker, Painted Shaky Ball, Mini Coconut Shakers, Caxixi Straw Shaker, Stringed Seed Shaker, Wrist / Ankle Seed Shaker, Seed Shaker with Handle, Bamboo Güiro and Shaker, Straw Star Shaker, Kelele Shaker, Rakatak, Bamboo Y Shaker, Five Ball Shaker. All our percussion instruments are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bali. We take pride in using high-quality wood and authentic goat skin to ensure exceptional sound quality and durability. If you are a wholesale buyer seeking to enrich your product offerings with these enchanting musical instruments, we are pleased to offer you competitive pricing and flexible terms. Please contact us to request our complete catalog and discuss how we can meet your specific requirements.