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Our rocking horses are beautifully hand carved hand painted by family of Wood Carvers from Gianyar, the main producer of Bali handicrafts. In this region, there're literally thousands Bali handicrafts producers. The rocking horse are made from environmentally sourced softwood and are strong enough to carry young children.

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Assorted Balinese Wood Carvings: Wood Elephant, Horse, Fruit Bowls Mask On Stand

Wooden Rocking Horse Bali Indonesia

ART 01
Wooden Rocking Horse

Wood Rocking Horse from Bali Indonesia

Bali Crafts ART02
Bali Wood Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse from Bali

ART 03
Rocking Horse

Carved Wood Horse Indonesia

ART 04
Knock Down Horse

Wooden Elephant Bali

ART 20
Wooden Elephant

Horse Carving

ART 21
Horse Carving

Wooden Horse Head Bali Indonesia

ART 22
Horse Head

Elephant Wood Carvings

Wood Crafts Code: ART25
Elephant Wood Carvings

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Ready Stock of Bali Wood Carvings Handicrafts

Ready Stock of Bali Wood Carvings

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New! Victorian Rocking Horse Made in Indonesia

Mahogany Wood Rocking Horse with Real Horse Hair Made in Indonesia

Mahogany Wood Rocking Horse with Real Horse Hair Made in Indonesia
Click here for more info about traditional victorian rocking horse

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Are you going to visit Bali Island? a short article below is for you.

The fertile, scenic, and densely populated island of Bali, Indonesia is largely mountainous and volcanic. Bali is one of the 13,667 islands strewn across 3 million miles of tropical sea in Indonesia. The island's population is 2,785,000. Denpasar is the capital of the island and has a population of around 370,000. The volcanoes, which are frequently active, provide the island with fertile soil. The island's rainfall and mountain springs supply many areas of the island with ample water all year. A long dry season, brought on by the southeasterly monsoon, brings sunshine for many months of the year.

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Bamboo root ducks

Bamboo root ducks

Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Bamboo wood ducks for exports by CV Maya Indonesia, bamboo ducks manufacturer company. Bamboo ducks wholesaler and supplier. Factory and Exporter.

Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia. Wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood combined with teak wood. Made in Indonesia. Very popular in Europe. Bamboo root ducks direct from Java Indonesia.

Bamboo ducks from Indonesia

Bamboo ducks from Indonesia

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