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New bali handicrafts from Balifurnish. This is gift box made of straw fiber from Indonesia. These gift boxes can be made in many sizes shapes. Also other material such as palm leaf. There many other gift boxes we can't display here. Too many. Email to our Gmail address or Chat with us on WhatsApp. More info on our LinkTree Page for more handmade gift boxes from Bali Java Indonesia. We shall reply with photos price list of our complete range of gift boxes. Free samples available for DHL other courier account holder. Boxes packaging gift boxes made of natural organic materials handmade by artisans craftsmen and women in Indonesia are a great option for those looking for a unique and sustainable way to package their products for export or wholesale. These boxes are made using traditional techniques and materials, such as banana leaves and carton paper, and are of good quality and affordable price. One of the main benefits of using natural organic materials for packaging is that they are environmentally friendly. Banana leaves, for example, are a renewable resource that can be harvested without harming the plants, and they biodegrade quickly once disposed of. Carton paper, on the other hand, is made from recycled materials and can also be recycled once it is no longer needed. In addition to being environmentally friendly, natural organic materials also have a unique look and feel that can add value to your products. Handmade boxes made of banana leaves, for example, have a natural and rustic appearance that can appeal to consumers who are looking for products that are more authentic and traditional. In Indonesia, there is a long tradition of craftsmanship and artisanal techniques, and many of the boxes packaging gift boxes made of natural organic materials are handmade by skilled craftsmen and women. These artisans have a deep understanding of the materials they are working with and use their skills to create beautiful and unique boxes that are of the highest quality. The sizes of these boxes vary, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you need a small box for a single item or a large box for multiple products, there is an option available to meet your needs. One of the main advantages of using boxes packaging gift boxes made of natural organic materials handmade by artisans craftsmen and women in Indonesia is their affordability. These boxes are often less expensive than those made using synthetic materials, making them a cost-effective choice for those looking to package their products. In conclusion, boxes packaging gift boxes made of natural organic materials handmade by artisans craftsmen and women in Indonesia are a great choice for those looking for a sustainable and affordable way to package their products. These boxes are of good quality, have a unique and authentic look, and are made using traditional techniques and materials.

Nested Wooden Boxes from Bali

Nested Wooden Boxes from Bali

Straw Gift Box from Indonesia

Straw Gift Box from Indonesia

Bali Handicrafts

Straw Gift Box from Indonesia

Aluminium Boxes Bali

Aluminium Boxes Bali

Gift Wrapping Products
Straw Gift Box from Indonesia

Bali Bamboo Boxes with Beads

Bali Bamboo Boxes with Beads

more straw box ! Click here for natural handmade gift boxes with batik fabric
Also: Pandanus Box with Bamboo Handle Made in Indonesia

Beaded Bamboo Boxes from Bali Indonesia

Bamboo Products

Bead Box 1
Hand weave Bamboo Box with Beads Ornament from Bali Indonesia

Bamboo Arts & Crafts

Product Code: BALI BOX 1-1
Balinese Bamboo Boxes

Bamboo Baskets from Bali

Bamboo Baskets from Bali No 3
Handweave Bamboo Box Handpainted

Bamboo Handicrafts
The Bamboo Beaded Box available in 2 sizes

Gift Box Factory

Product Code: BALI BOX 1-2
Sea Shell Inlay Boxes from Bali Indonesia

Natural Exotic Boxes Bali Small Bamboo Boxes jewellery box

Product Ref: SBBX Small Bamboo Boxes. Suitable for jewelry box

Natural Exotic Boxes from Bali Handmade Boxes with Natural Material from Bali
We're able to supply you with handmade boxes in various size, shape material.

Handmade Boxes with Natural Material from Bali

Product Ref: BNBOX
Handmade Box covered with lily leaf banana bark (banana skin)

Banana Skin and tree leaves boxes with turtle motifs from agel rope

Banana Skin Box from Bali

Banana Leaf Box from Bali


Product Ref: LLBOX
Dry Lily Leaf Nested Box

Straw Fiber Nested Box

Product Ref: STRAWBOX
Straw Fiber Nested Box

Straw Fiber Nested Box

Boxes with Bamboo Handle

Waterhyacinth Boxes

Natural Box Code: WHBOX
Waterhyacinth Boxes

Coconut Shells Gift Boxes coco shells box coconut wood crafts coconut shell & resin boxes

Coconut Shells Gift Boxes

coco shells box above to view more coconut wood crafts (coconut shell resin boxes)

Pyramid Wooden Boxes from Bali indonesia

Pyramid Wooden Boxes from Bali indonesia


Boxes are a necessary component of modern society, serving a wide range of purposes from storage and organization to transportation and gift-giving. While there are many options for materials and production methods, gift boxes made of natural, organic materials that are handmade by artisans and craftsmen and women can offer a unique and sustainable alternative. In Indonesia, a country known for its diverse and abundant natural resources, there is a rich tradition of crafting gift boxes from materials such as banana leaf and carton paper. These materials are both renewable and biodegradable, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice compared to synthetic or non-biodegradable options. Handmade gift boxes offer a level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that is often lost in mass-produced alternatives. Each box is unique, with its own character and charm, and the process of creating them involves a deep understanding of the materials and techniques used. For export and wholesale companies, these handmade gift boxes can provide a distinctive and high-quality product for their customers. The use of natural and organic materials also aligns with growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, making them a desirable choice for companies looking to appeal to this market. In terms of price, handmade gift boxes made from natural materials can be affordable, especially when compared to luxury options. The cost of production can be kept low due to the abundance of raw materials in Indonesia and the skill of the artisans and craftsmen and women in using them efficiently. Overall, gift boxes handmade from natural and organic materials by artisans and craftsmen and women in Indonesia offer a unique and sustainable alternative for export and wholesale companies. They offer good quality, affordable prices, and a chance to support traditional craftsmanship and the use of renewable resources. Don't see handmade boxes you want? Contact Us now.
Tell us the box size material. We'll make it available for you. We're able to provide almost all kind of boxes made of natural exotic materials. We provide other kind of boxes and also PANDANUS MATS from INDONESIA

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Coconut bowls from Indonesia. Coconut shell bowls from coconut crafts factory in Indonesia. Coco bowls wholesale price. Import coco shell bowls direct from factory Indonesia and enjoy our best price. Handmade and 100% real natural coconut shell bowls suitable for vegan food or breakfast. Durable and lightweight, natural materials, food safe and Eco-friendly.

Coconut Bowls Indonesia

Water hyacinth Stools from Indonesia. Made of solid wood and water hyacinth. Handmade in Indonesia. Little stools made of waterhyacinth and sea grass. Wide range of natural fibre such as waterhyacinth, sea grass, raffia, jute or straw combined with hard wood. Perfect to bring natural looks to your home and garden. View our catalog and contact us for further information regarding importing these woven wicker furniture from Indonesia. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Waterhyacinth Wood Stools from Indonesia

Recycled Boat Wood Furniture Bali Indonesia

Recycled Boat Furniture

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Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia Straw Tote Bags Bali Indonesia

Eco-Friendly Bags Bali Indonesia

Airbrush Wood Surfboards Bali

Airbrush Wood Surfboards

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Rustic Boat Wooden Letters Alphabet

Boat Wooden Letters

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Rattan banneton baskets from Indonesia. Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia. Also known as rattan banneton baskets or rattan brotform baskets. Popular among professional bakers. Handmade using natural rattan cane. Food safe, durable and cheap. Splinter free using selected rattan wicker and made using stainless steel nails only. Direct from rattan basket factory in Indonesia. Competitive pricing and experienced exporter company. Manufacturer and exporter company of Indonesian crafts since 2001. Contact us now by sending email to our Gmail address, see photo for our email address. Samples available. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Made to order, please order weeks in advance.

Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia

View our catalog of Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil from Indonesia. Various kitchen tools and cutlery made of teak wood from Java Indonesia. Wide range of teak wood bowl, spoon and fork, teak wood chopping boards, trays and plates, pizza serving trays and teak wood dishes. All handmade using teak wood and other solid wood by skill craftsmen and craftswomen with years of experience in working for oversea market.

View our best seller Boat Wood Dining Room Furniture. See Boat Wood Dining Table and Chairs Furniture Sets. Furniture for your dining room. Reclaimed wood furniture for dining table and dining chairs. All made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats or old Javanese houses. Browse our web sites or chat with us on our social media, go to Bali Crafts linktree page.

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