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Handmade Lamp Shades from Bali Indonesia

Handmade lamps from Bali Indonesia. Various lamps made of natural materials such as wood, wicker, bamboo, rattan or twig. These handmade lamps combined wood with bamboo, paper or even sea shells. If you need lampshades for your house or garden. These lamps suitable for you. Browse our catalog and place your order by email or visit our sister site Bali Crafts and use our shopping cart to place your order for these lamp home decors. If you are looking for other kind of lamps which made of white sea shells, please view our other catalog. Browse our catalog of sea shell lamps from Indonesia.

Handmade Lamp Shades from Bali Indonesia

Bali Handicrafts lighting accessories from Indonesia. Handmade by our skill artisans in Bali Indonesia. We have lamp shades and lamp fixtures in various sizes and models. Made mostly by natural materials. Such as bamboo, rattan, sea shells, tree twigs, woven ropes and many more. All hand woven by very talented Balinese artisans. Our lamps and other lighting products also good as unique home decors for your house or room. All with affordable price. Direct from the factory.

Bali Handicrafts Lamps

Bali Handicrafts Lamps. Photo above show you collection of handmade lamps and lamp shades from Bali. Made of natural materials and made entirely by hand.

Bali lamps wholesale

Bali lamps wholesale. handmade lighting fixtures with unique looking, typical to Bali lamps style. These handmade lamps are made of cinnamon rings with steel frame. Very popular and all year good seller. Fantastic light effect.

Bali lamps factory

Bali lamps factory. Browse our online catalog of lamps and lamp shades handmade in Bali and you will find our wide range of lamps for your home or office. Great decorations and ornaments for your wall or floor. Balinese lamps direct from the craftsmen and producer in Bali Indonesia. Buy in wholesale price these beautiful handmade lamps.

Bali lamps shop and factory

Bali lamps shop and factory. Our collection include lamp shades or candle holders. Lamps for all part of your house. Wall, floor, room and bathroom lighting available for you to import to your country. Because electricity standards around the world vary greatly, our lighting fixtures are shipped with no electrical components.

Handmade Lamp Shades Candle Holders Bali Indonesia.

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Our Handicrafts are handmade in Bali Indonesia by traditional Balinese craftsmen who been producing many kind of Bali crafts and other Bali homeware for many years. These arts and crafts are available in various colors not only color shown here. Please browse our catalog of boat wood home decors. Various wood crafts made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats. Made in Indonesia.