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Celestial Sun Moon Painted Crafts from Bali Indonesia

Bali Wood Handicrafts Sun Moon Paintings Pencil Box Drawers CD Rack Pyramid Cabinet Kid's Furniture Boxes Calendar Napkin Holder Jewelry Celestial Sun Moon Painted Crafts Indonesia arts crafts

Bali Wood Handicrafts with Sun Moon Paintings
Sun Moon Pencil Box, Drawers, CD Rack, Pyramid Cabinet, Kid's Furniture, Boxes, Calendar, Napkin Holder Jewelry Box.

  1. SUNMOON 1 Sun Moon Pencil Box
  2. SUNMOON 2 Sun Moon Small Cabinet
  3. SUNMOON 3 Sun Moon CD Rack
  4. SUNMOON 4 Sun Moon Pyramid Cabinet
  5. SUNMOON 5 Sun Moon Children Chair
  6. SUNMOON 6 Sun Moon Box
  7. SUNMOON 7 Sun Moon Ashtray
  8. SUNMOON 8 Sun Moon Calendar
  9. SUNMOON 9 Sun Moon Napkin Holder
  10. SUNMOON 10 Sun Moon Box
Pyramid Cabinet Drawers from Bali Indonesia

Bali Pyramid Cabinet

Product Code: PRMD 1
Pyramid Cabinet

Bali Pyramid Cabinet Skull & Skeleton

Product Code: PRMD 2
Pyramid Cabinet

Bali Pyramid Cabinet Sun Moon painting

Product Code: PRMD 3
Pyramid Cabinet

Bali Pyramid Cabinet Sun painting

Product Code: PRMD 4
Pyramid Cabinet

Bali Pyramid Cabinet Mahogany Wood

Product Code: PRMD 5
Pyramid Cabinet

teak wood bali java indonesia pyramid cabinet drawers

Product Code: PRMD 6
Pyramid Cabinet

Bali Pyramid Cabinet Mahogany Wood

Product Code: PRMD 7
Pyramid Cabinet

teak wood bali java indonesia pyramid cabinet drawers

Product Code: PRMD 8
Pyramid Cabinet

Small Furniture from Bali Indonesia

Small Furniture from Bali Indonesia

Bali Small Furniture Cabinet

Product Code: PRMD 9
Bali Small Furniture Cabinet

Bali Cheap Furniture Cabinet

Product Code: PRMD 10
Bali Cheap Furniture Cabinet

Other handicrafts from Bali Indonesia
Wooden creatures in frame

handicrafts from Bali Indonesia

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Recycled Boat Wood Furniture Bali Indonesia

Recycled Boat Furniture

  1. Recycled Tyre Furniture
  2. Big Wood Table Slabs
  3. Water Hyacinth Furniture
  4. Recycled Oil Drums
  5. Rattan Furniture Indonesia
  6. Boat Wood Dining Table
  7. Boat Wood Furniture
  8. Woven Furniture Factory
  9. Driftwood Furniture Bali
  1. Rattan Banneton Baskets
  2. Wooden Drawers
  3. Rattan Chair Factory
  4. Rattan Furniture
  5. Wood Furniture Bali
  6. Teak Root Furniture
  7. Surfboard Chairs
  8. Wood Hand Chairs

Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia Straw Tote Bags Bali Indonesia

Eco-Friendly Bags Bali Indonesia

Airbrush Wood Surfboards Bali

Airbrush Wood Surfboards

  1. Coconut Bowls Indonesia
  2. Recycled Plastic Bags
  3. Steel Drum Furniture Bali
  4. Coconut Bowls
  5. Natural Lamp Shades
  6. Bamboo Lampshades
  7. Bamboo Straws Indonesia
  8. Coconut Shell Bowls
  1. Bamboo Fencing from Indonesia
  2. Stone Sinks Bali
  3. Coconut Bowls Indonesia
  4. Dreamcatchers Factory Bali
  5. Sea Shell Chandeliers Bali
  6. Teak Wood Bowls
  7. Sea Shell Lamps Bali
  8. Sea Shell Carvings
  1. Coconut Wood Crafts
  2. Teak Wood Bowls
  3. Coconut Bowls Factory
  4. Straw Baskets Indonesia
  5. Round Rattan Bags
  6. Palm Pots Garden Planters
  7. Hanging Dreamcatchers


Rustic Boat Wooden Letters Alphabet

Boat Wooden Letters

  1. Natural Photo Albums
  2. Hanging Mobiles Bali
  3. Teak Wood Home Decors
  4. Wooden Pencils Bali
  5. Bamboo Wind Chimes
  6. Woven Wicker Placemats
  7. Beaded Purse Bali
  8. Natural Handmade Boxes
  9. Wicker Jewelry Boxes
  1. Bone Pendants Bali
  2. Coco Shell Photo Frame
  3. Aluminium Boxes Bali
  4. Ladies Bags and Purses
  5. Crochet Dreamcatchers
  6. Wood Surfboard Crafts
  7. Coconut Bowls Wholesale
  8. Cheap Candle from Bali
  9. Wooden Boxes Baskets
  1. Wooden Dish and Plates
  2. Palm Wood Bowls
  3. Natural Sandals Footwear
  4. Painted Bamboo Ducks
  5. Painted Wood Boomerangs
  6. Coco Wood Spoon Sets
  7. Coconut Shell Crafts
  8. Retro Wood Signs


Water hyacinth Stools from Indonesia. Made of solid wood and water hyacinth. Handmade in Indonesia. Little stools made of waterhyacinth and sea grass. Wide range of natural fibre such as waterhyacinth, sea grass, raffia, jute or straw combined with hard wood. Perfect to bring natural looks to your home and garden. View our catalog and contact us for further information regarding importing these woven wicker furniture from Indonesia. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Waterhyacinth Wood Stools from Indonesia

View our best seller Boat Wood Dining Room Furniture. See Boat Wood Dining Table and Chairs Furniture Sets. Furniture for your dining room. Reclaimed wood furniture for dining table and dining chairs. All made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats or old Javanese houses. Browse our web sites or chat with us on our social media, go to Bali Crafts linktree page.

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