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We have a wide range of bali batik sarongs. Sarongs and pareo made in Bali Indonesia. Made of 100% rayon fabric. Quality beach sarongs for sell cheaply. Sarongs direct from sarongs factory in Bali. Looking for pareo factory or pareo manufacturer in Bali Indonesia ? You've come to the right place. We sell quality beach pareo at reasonable price. Factory direct.

Batik Sarong Factory Bali

Bali batik sarongs. Browse our catalog of sarongs and pareos made in Indonesia.

Browse our catalog of batik sarongs at

catalog of batik sarongs

Plain Color Sarongs Pareo Embroidery from Bali

Tie Dye Sarongs Pareo from Bali Indonesia

Hand Painting Beach Sarongs Pareo from Bali

Cheap Bali Beach Batik Sarongs Rayon Pareo

There're many people now selling sarongs and pareo from Bali Indonesia. Their pareo and sarongs quality vary greatly from one sarongs company to other sarongs company. Their quality differ in rayon fabric quality, dyes use in the making of batik sarongs, length and width of the rayon textile, print quality and last but not least is the softness of the sarongs fabric.

To summarize all information about sarongs and pareo quality above, read below. These are things to remember when buying sarongs made in Indonesia. Also when comparing our cheap sarongs price with sarongs price from other sarongs manufacturer in Bali.

Where to buy quality batik sarongs cheaply ?

BatikSarong.Com owned by CV MAYA Indonesia. A manufacturer and exporter company for batik beach sarongs located in Indonesia. Beachwear and sarongs made of rayon fabric with batik motifs. All made in Indonesia. Good quality reasonable price, direct from the pareo factory.

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Sarongs Factory in Bali

Sarongs Factory in Bali

Sarongs Production in Bali

Sarongs Production in Bali

Sarongs Manufacturer in Bali

Sarongs Manufacturer in Bali

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We're Manufacturer company of sea shell jewelry and accessories. Fashion accessory and costume jewellery made in Indonesia. Sea shell necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings made in Bali Island. Indonesian factory wholesaler exporter of beads jewelry and beaded necklaces. Necklaces with natural beads with mother of pearl shell pendant or known as MOP shell. This is pearl shell taken from pearl farms companies.

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Fashion Accessories Costume Jewelry from Bali Indonesia
Beads necklaces with mother pearl shell pendant. MOP shell necklaces. Bali Beads Jewelry
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Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces with Beads
Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces with Beads

Beads Necklaces with Pearl Shell Pendant
Beads Necklaces with Pearl Shell Pendant

MOP Shell Necklaces from Bali Indonesia
MOP Shell Necklaces Bali Indonesia

Mother Pearl Shell Jewelry from Indonesia
Mother Pearl Shell Jewelry Indonesia

Wood Earrings & Body Jewelry
Wood Earrings Body Jewelry Indonesia

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  2. Stamp Sarong
  3. Hand Painting Sarong
  4. Celtic Print Sarong
  5. Water Color Sarong
  6. Sequin Beads Sarong
  7. Embroidered Sarong
  8. Solid Plain Color Sarong
  9. Tie Dye Sarong
  10. Stripes Sarong
  11. Screen Print Sarong
  12. Mini Beach Sarongs
  13. Natural Footwear (Sandals Slippers Made in Indonesia)
  14. Coconut Shell Wood Sarong Ties (Pareos Buckles)
  15. Mother Pearl Sea Shell Sarong Ties (Pareo Buckles)
  16. Batik Fabric Sarong Tops Made in Indonesia
  17. Batik Ponco Top 1, Batik Ponco Top 2, Batik Ponco Top 3
  18. Batik Sarong Sets 1, Beach Sarong Sets 2, Bali Sarong Sets 3
  19. Hand loomed Cotton Scarf Shawls from Indonesia

We export wholesale all kind of rayon batik sarong textile, batik beachwears, cover up, fabric clothing, apparel, garment, mini skirt, long skirt, women fashion, pareos, lava-lava, sexy wrap, hawaiian man shirt, rayon boardshort accessories. We work closely w/ many sarong manufacturer, garment factory, beach wear producer in Bali, Java Solo Indonesia. We're seller supplier of merchandise sourcing buying company, give away promotion, distributor, vendor, bazaar, retailer, importer, hotel resort, gift shop, boutiqe, trading compay. There're many design motif available for you to import: monocolor/amburadul, Hand painting, Hand stamp, Printing, Tye Dye, Embroidery, Solid/Plain color, Double process.

Browse Batik Sarong .Com by sarong category: 1| Monocolor Sarong 2| Stamp Sarong 3| Hand Painting Sarong 4| Celtic Print Sarong 5| Water Color Sarong 6| Sequin Beads Sarong 7| Embroidered Sarong 8| Solid Plain Color Sarong 9| Tie Dye Sarong 10| Stripes Sarong 11| Screen Print Sarong BALI SEA SHELL JEWELRY BATIK SARONG PAREO WHOLESALE from BALI JAVA INDONESIA exporter company textile beachwear manufacturer garment factory producer

Below is our OLD SARONG COLLECTION, sarong indonesia from batik sarong .com

  1. floral motif batik sarong
  2. hand stamp sarong indonesia
  3. celtic sarong / tattoo motif sarong
  4. embroidery batik sarong
  5. misc. print animal primitive celestial sun moon
  6. assorted motif indonesia sarong from java
  7. monocolor sarong indonesia
  8. monocolor rayon batik sarong
  9. monocolor indonesia sarong
  10. monocolor sarongs from indonesia
  11. monocolor rayon sarongs from indonesia
  12. first quality batik sarong from java indonesia
  13. fine quality indonesia sarong batik sarong .com
  14. fine batik indonesia beach sharongs made of rayon fabric
  15. fine quality batik pareos sarongs exporter
  16. hand painting rayon sarong sarong supplier
  17. indonesia tie dye batik sarong garment manufacturer
  18. bali indonesia solid color ( plain colour batik sarong ) bali
  19. hand batiked rayon sarong with floral motif by batik sarong .com
  20. hand painting indonesia sarong with primitive motif
  21. hand painting indonesia sarong with ethnic motif
  22. sea creatures motif sarongs
  23. hand-painted sarongs
  24. Primitive motif pareos
  26. Stripes Motif Sarong Beaded Pareos
  27. Assorted Motif Indonesia Sarongs
  28. Double Process Sarong Batik
  29. Double Process Sarong Indonesia
  30. Balinese Painting Sarong
  31. Sequin Sarong Rayon Batik
  32. Fine Batik Celtic Sarong
  33. Sarong w/ Butterflies Motif
  34. Celtic Sarong Indonesia
  35. Tattoo Sarong Indonesia
  36. Celtic Sarong Indonesian
  37. Tattoo Sarong Batik Rayon
  38. Celtic Pareos Indonesia Sarongs
  39. Fine Quality Javanese Sarong
  40. Floral Motif Sarongs Indonesia
  41. Ethnic Motif (African Sarong)
  42. Geckos Sarongs
  43. Assorted Sarong Printing
  44. Sarong Hand Bag

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Email to our Gmail address or Chat with us on WhatsApp. More info on our LinkTree Page. Balifurnish owned by CV MAYA, Indonesian arts and crafts export company. Manufacturer company for batik sarongs fashion accessories, bali handicrafts and garden teak root furniture located in Bali and Yogya. We're able to source any Indonesian handicrafts. Home accents and garden decorations made in Indonesia. We're wholesaler. Price exclude shipping. Buyer pays freight. We're constantly looking for partners worldwide to market our products, info about our Bali handicrafts company. Please visit our Arts and Crafts Store in Bali Indonesia to view our home accents and garden decor products.