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For ordering, email us using our online inquiry form Ph.(62 81) 353357458 Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022
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We've been selling Bali handicrafts, home wares, garden accents and furniture since 2001. We have many satisfied costumers worldwide. From USA to Middle East.
From Chile to Spain. Thank you very much for your supports!

Many of them email us and thank us for the well made products and the good packaging. Some of them listed below. Sorry, we can't provide their complete identity here. If you need us to provide you with business reference, please ask.

Hi Ferdi.

We received and unpacked our order yesterday.

We are extremely pleased with our order the quality and packaging are
excellent, well done.

Best Regards

Email from our costumer in Cancun Mexico:

I sold the order you sent me in less than 2 hours

Here's comment from buyer from our buyer in USA.

We are having good success selling our container. Today we established an account with a large furniture store. We require another container of furniture

our buyer from USA

Message from our distributor in Lebanon:

"Yes good morning, we were thinking of establishing a second order, but more so, we were discussing of opening a big gallery for your stock of imports around one head branch and two branches to cover all market of Lebanon. But I need to know if we do this, can we become your sole dealers in Lebanon. And if you have others in Lebanon that import from you, pls advise"

Mrs.P E in Lebanon

This is email sent from our buyer in Spain:

Dear Mr Ferdi Aziz:

Thanks for your mail.
I´m fine and hoping everything is going well to you.

Yes, we have already received your order.

We have started the selling and we hope repeat order to you soon.

I will contact you when we have a new order.

Best regards,

from Mr. Dennis S. in USA via yahoo messanger chat:

Dennis S.: Hello
balifurnish: ?
Dennis S.: Hello!
Dennis S.: I just want to let you know that I received the order and am very impresses.
Dennis S.: impresses=impressed
balifurnish: what is your order number?
Dennis S.: just a moment
Dennis S.: 2019212910 customer number
Dennis S.: Dennis S.......(sorry we erase the name)
balifurnish: oh hi
balifurnish: ...
balifurnish: thank you very much
balifurnish: so you receive it in good condition?
Dennis S.: I really like the dragons and the buddha head.
Dennis S.: All was fine.
Dennis S.: NO breakage!
balifurnish: thanks a lot, we're very happy
Dennis S.: I just wanted to let you know.
Dennis S.: Thanks again!
balifurnish: thank you for your info + order, looking forward for doing more biz with you
Dennis S.: Good night!
balifurnish: nite.

A lot more available. We don't have time to dig all emails and listed it here.

Please check this page next time to view what our
costumers said about our company and our products
(bali handicrafts, furniture and accessories)

Meanwhile, please send email us using our online inquiry form

for our business reference

Our company CV MAYA is a company verified and registered company to Indonesian government through National Agency for Export Development (NAFED), a special service agency of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia.

Bali handicrafts wholesale

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Visiting Bali ? Please visit also our showroom in Denpasar Bali.
Where you will be able to view some of our handicrafts and accessories. Direction to our handicrafts and accessories showroom in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

We have many products from Bali and other islands in Indonesia

Furniture, home accents, gifts and accessories made in Indonesia

Also, visit for jewelry from Indonesia

Pearl shells and beads bali jewelry. Jewelry direct from Bali Indonesia

Bali handicrafts wholesale. We're wholesale only. We have many products so you could easily exceed our minimum order. Browse our catalog of Bali handicrafts. Remember, pricing available by sending email us using our online inquiry form. To provide you with pricing, you must info us the order quantity. Here's our products :


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Handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of plastic strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. Various women bags including shopping bags and tote bags. Beautiful bright colors, very durable and strong. Suitable to use as shopping bags. Please help us clean up the rivers and beaches in Indonesia from plastic waste by supporting the plastic bottles recycling into shopping bags. The more you buy these recycled plastic shopping bags, the more people collect and recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia. Less plastic waste in the rivers and beaches.

Recycled Plastic Bags Handwoven Shopping Bags from Indonesia

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Teak Kitchenware Bali Indonesia

Teak Kitchenware from Indonesia

For low price sarongs and pareo wholesale from Indonesia, fashion accessories and costume jewelry from Bali Indonesia, please visit click photos below. It will take you to our sister sites and These web sites has many bali beach pareo and Beachwear, fashion accessories made of beads and mother of pearl shell. You're welcome to combined handicrafts order with fashion accessories order in one shipment.

Bali garden accents products. These Bali handicrafts below surely will bring Bali to your outdoor garden patio and lawn. Garden decors made of stones and wood. Garden decors as seen in hotels and resorts in Bali. Suitable to decorate your garden, hotels, shops or residence. Also good for landscape ornaments. Large handicrafts suitable for container load order only.

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