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Painted wood cats, dogs and other animals. Handcarved from local light wood and painted with bright colors.
Cheap and light weight. Suitable to send by airfreight. Almost any color possible. For years, these carved wood cats from Bali always a good seller. Fast moving items for your souvenir and crafts shops. See also Coconut Piggy Banks from Indonesia.

Fair Trade Bali Handicrafts

Handicrafts from Bali Indonesia. Arts and crafts from wood. Country crafts from Indonesia.
Produce and exports by our company CV MAYA, a legally registered handicrafts manufacturer company located in Bali and Java Indonesia.

Water hyacinth Stools from Indonesia. Made of solid wood and water hyacinth. Handmade in Indonesia. Little stools made of waterhyacinth and sea grass. Wide range of natural fibre such as waterhyacinth, sea grass, raffia, jute or straw combined with hard wood. Perfect to bring natural looks to your home and garden. View our catalog and contact us for further information regarding importing these woven wicker furniture from Indonesia. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Waterhyacinth Wood Stools from Indonesia

Handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of plastic strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. Various women bags including shopping bags and tote bags. Beautiful bright colors, very durable and strong. Suitable to use as shopping bags. Please help us clean up the rivers and beaches in Indonesia from plastic waste by supporting the plastic bottles recycling into shopping bags. The more you buy these recycled plastic shopping bags, the more people collect and recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia. Less plastic waste in the rivers and beaches.

Recycled Plastic Bags Handwoven Shopping Bags from Indonesia

Teak kitchenware made in Indonesia. Homeware made of teak wood taken from government owned teak plantations in Java Indonesia. Browse our complete catalog of various kitchen utensils and tools such as bowls, trays, plates, spoon sets and other tableware made of wood.

Home accessories from Bali Indonesia. Home accessory made of natural materials including wood. Carved painted in bright colors. Bali arts and crafts made to order only. Production for these wood crafts takes at least two weeks. Usually more! Please order our Bali wood carvings a way in advance. All products here are handmade. Variation always occurs. However, good quality is guarantee. Bali home decorations and ornaments products. Wood crafts to decorate room, kitchen, garden patio and lawn. Wood carvings made in Indonesia. Artisan handicrafts from Bali.Wood crafts exporter company in Bali Indonesia. Supplier and wholesaler of Balinese wood crafts. Traditional Bali arts.Bali handicrafts manufacturer company. Supplier and wholesaler of gifts items from Bali Indonesia. Cheap price good quality. Are you souvenir shop import company looking to buy Bali crafts ? contact us now. We're able to supply you with almost all kind of Bali wood crafts products.

Bali garden decorations. Handicrafts from Bali Indonesia to decorate your home and garden. Make your lawn and patio become a tropical garden. Planters and bowls made of teak wood, stone or other natural materials from Bali Indonesia.Bali furniture. Home and garden furniture from Bali Indonesia. Furniture made of teak wood, Bali bamboo furniture or woven furniture. Teak wood chairs, tables or bench. Coffee table also available. Teak root furniture made in Indonesia. Java teak wood furniture manufacturer.

Coconut bowls wholesale from Indonesia. Buy natural handmade coconut shell bowls direct from factory and exporter company. Buy in retail or bulk quantity. We ship worldwide. Handcrafted and fine sanded organic coco bowls made of real coconut wood without chemical whatsoever. Food safe and Eco-friendly. Suitable to use for your smoothie bowls, salads and other healthy vegan foods.

Coconut bowls wholesale from Indonesia

Bamboo root baby ducks. Cute wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood and teak wood or acacia wood. Handcarved in Java Indonesia by traditional artisans located in remote village. One of our best seller. Small bamboo root wood baby ducks and ducklings. Buy direct from bamboo root duck factory in Java and enjoy competitive pricing. Wholesale only. Made to order. Production takes four weeks or more. To order send email to our Gmail address or fill inquiry form. Best way to reach us by chat on WhatsApp. See photo for details.

Bamboo root baby ducks direct from bamboo root duck factory in Java

Rattan wall decor from Indonesia. Decorative wall mirror frames made of natural rattan cane. Wall mounted mirror frames made of rattan. Handmade rattan wall ornaments made in Indonesia. Handwoven rattan mirror frames. Hanging mirror frames made of natural rattan wicker. Available in many models. Competitive price. Factory direct from Indonesia. Cheap and well made. Handmade by skill rattan weavers of Indonesia. We ship worldwide to most major ports. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Made to order, please order our products weeks in advance. Contact us by email for more information regarding ordering our rattan crafts.

Rattan wall decor from Indonesia