Painted Wood Cats from Bali Indonesia

Small wooden cats, dogs, and other small animals and creatures from Bali. Hand carved wood painted cats and animals made in Indonesia. Home Accessories from Indonesia by Ph.(62 81) 353357458 Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022. View our coconut bowls from Indonesia. Coconut shell bowls handmade and organic suitable for healthy vegan food.

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Painted wood cats, dogs and other animals. Handcarved from local light wood and painted with bright colors.
Cheap and light weight. Suitable to send by airfreight. Almost any color possible. For years, these carved wood cats from Bali always a good seller. Fast moving items for your souvenir and crafts shops.

Wood cats from Bali Indonesia. Small cats and dogs carved and painted from wood. Bali Crafts

Painted Wood Cats Bali

Handicrafts from Bali Indonesia. Arts and crafts from wood. Country crafts from Indonesia.
Produce and exports by our company CV MAYA, a legally registered handicrafts manufacturer company located in Bali and Java Indonesia.

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Coconut bowls wholesale from Indonesia. Buy natural handmade coconut shell bowls direct from factory and exporter company. Buy in retail or bulk quantity. We ship worldwide. Handcrafted and fine sanded organic coco bowls made of real coconut wood without chemical whatsoever. Food safe and Eco-friendly. Suitable to use for your smoothie bowls, salads and other healthy vegan foods.

Coconut bowls wholesale from Indonesia