Bali Aluminium Boxes

Balinese Aluminium Boxes Factory in Bali Indonesia

Balinese aluminium boxes and baskets. These are the skillful people of Balinese who make our aluminium boxes and handicrafts. They are simple people working with simple tools to create beautiful boxes made of aluminium foil. These talented people don't need a sophisticated tools to produce our aluminium baskets. They only need some basic tools, their hands and feet will do the rest to make our gift boxes, buckets, chocolate boxes, photo frames, hanging mobiles, trays and many more. They been working with aluminium for decades. We can provide you with your fancy gift packaging and boxes supplies need such as gift boxes, candy boxes, containers for various products with exclusive and expensive looks. Suitable for expensive products. Wide range of shapes such as heart, round, rectangular, cone, barrel, cube, cylinder and other shapes you can think of. Simply contact us with your requirements including dimension and quantity needed. We will reply you right away during office hour.

Balinese Aluminium Boxes Factory in Bali Indonesia Balinese Baskets

Balinese craftsman working with aluminium foil and wire using very simple tools, only with chisel and small hammer. Using these tools, our talented Balinese craftsmen could create hundreds or even thousands of Balinese aluminium baskets and boxes. We can supply you with many kind of boxes and baskets for your special moments including wedding, Christmas, Easter, all Holidays Seasonal Event packaging. We can even add name dropping to your boxes to add even more value and specialty to your boxes or packaging.

Our aluminium boxes and baskets are all "green" and eco-friendly. All part of the packaging could recycle 100%. Nothing is wasted. If you need Food Packaging Supplies which environmentally friendly, our aluminium boxes is the right choice. To recycle aluminium, involves only simple re-melting the metal. That is why our Balinese pressed aluminium boxes is the Eco Friendly Retail Packaging for you.

Balinese Aluminium Boxes Factory in Bali Indonesia

Balinese man and woman working side by side producing aluminium boxes for orders from oversea customers. We support Fair Trade. Your order for our aluminium boxes will help these village people to earn a living. There's no need for them to work far from their house, forcing them to leave their family. They work from their own house. We simply give them fund and materials to use in making of your Balinese boxes order. We visited them regularly and control the quality, making sure they meet export requirements, consistent quality, shape and size.

Balinese craftsman aluminium boxes and baskets

Aluminium boxes factory photos in Bali. See how Balinese craftsmen working with aluminium boxes and baskets. See how the skill hands (and feet) of Balinese craftsmen able to create beautiful and eco-friendly packaging for your packaging needs. Balinese craftsmen with their simple tools and materials able to make big quantity of small and big boxes which then you can use as food packaging, chocolate boxes, gift boxes, wedding or other seasonal packaging occasions.

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