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Balinese Wood Nameplates, Door Signs, Desk Nameplates, Bali Wood Carvings Wholesale. Carved Wood Name Plates from Bali.

Balinese Wood Carvings Desk Nameplates from Bali Indonesia. Hanging nameplates, wall sign, house number or hotel room numbers. There're many you can do with nameplates.

bali wood carvings nameplates

Bali wood carvings: NAME1-1
WELCOME wall sign. Carved wood Balinese wood carvings

balinese wood carvings nameplates

Bali wood carvings: NAME1-2
Wall Hanging Wood Sign TOILET. Traditional Balinese wood carvings

balinese carvings wood nameplates wall mounted

Bali wood carvings: NAME1-3
Bali nameplates. Desk Nameplates. Wood with flowers hand carved. Balinese wood carvings

balinese wood carvings desk nameplates from bali

Bali wood carvings: NAME1-4
Carved Wood Desk NamePlates from Bali. Handcarved wood nameplates. Balinese wood carvings

Carved Wood Name Plates from Bali

Carved Wood Name Plates from Bali

We're also make house number, wall signs and nameplates using recycle wood from old boats. These are wooden letters and wooden number made of wood taken from old unused boat or outrigger in Bali and other islands. The colors are original color of the wood. These wood is guarantee to stand outside or outdoor. Proven weather proof.

Recycle Boat Wood Letters from Bali

Recycle boat wood numbers

Recycle boat wood letters

Recycle boat wood letters

These boat wood also available as boat wood furniture

Bali Boat Wood Furniture

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Bali Wood Crafts Teak wood kitchen utensils factory and exporter company in Indonesia. Producer and manufacturer of teak wood cutlery and kitchen tools. Various teak wood bowls, plates, serving trays, spoon and fork. Handmade teak wood chopping boards and other kitchen utensils including spatula, measuring cups and spoons, spice grinder and wooden kuksa cups. All handmade in Indonesia. We also produce and export worldwide various home decoration made of Eco-friendly and organic materials including, banana leaf rope abaca, sea grass combined with wood, rattan, bamboo and other natural materials from Java and Bali Indonesia. Water hyacinth basket factory from Indonesia. Wide range of baskets, boxes, laundry hampers and storage. All made of sustainable materials widely available in many places in Indonesia.

Stones from Bali Garden Decors

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Rattan wall decor from Indonesia. Decorative wall mirror frames made of natural rattan cane. Wall mounted mirror frames made of rattan. Handmade rattan wall ornaments made in Indonesia. Handwoven rattan mirror frames. Hanging mirror frames made of natural rattan wicker. Available in many models. Competitive price. Factory direct from Indonesia. Cheap and well made. Handmade by skill rattan weavers of Indonesia. We ship worldwide to most major ports. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Made to order, please order our products weeks in advance. Contact us by email for more information regarding ordering our rattan crafts.

Rattan wall decor from Indonesia