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Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia

Bamboo Root Duck Crafts Factory in Indonesia

Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia

Bamboo ducks made in Indonesia. Wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Worldwide shipping. Made to order. Factory direct, competitive price and export quality. Buy direct from factory in Indonesia. Years of experience in crafts export business and international shipping. Wide range of bamboo ducks available. Various sizes available. Painted bamboo ducks or natural. All handmade by skill bamboo ducks craftsmen. Buy direct from factory in Indonesia. Producer and exporter company for bamboo root ducks.

  • Factory Direct Buy your wooden ducks direct from the factory in Indonesia.
  • Quality We produce quality bamboo ducks
  • Expert We've been exporting Indonesian handicrafts since 2001. We export our wood crafts worldwide. We ship to major shipping port around the world.

Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia

DUCK919-1 Bamboo Ducks

DUCK919-2 Bamboo Ducks

DUCK919-3 Bamboo Ducks

DUCK919-4 Bamboo Ducks

DUCK919-5 Bamboo Ducks

DUCK919-6 Bamboo Ducks

Wooden Bamboo Ducks Factory Indonesia

Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Souvenirs and handicrafts made of wood. Handcarved using simple tools. Handmade by skill craftsmen. Each bamboo root ducks here takes hours even days to make. Handmade crafts, each item is unique. All made of selected wood, properly dried before production.

Wooden bamboo ducks crafts made in Indonesia. Handmade by skill artisans. Produced and exported worldwide by our company, CV MAYA. A registered company with years of experience in producing and exporting Indonesian crafts. Years of experience in international shipping to major shipping ports worldwide.

Buy from real company, verified and approved by our government Our company CV MAYA (Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000) is a company verified and registered company to Indonesian government through National Agency for Export Development (NAFED), a special service agency of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia.

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