Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia by owned by CV MAYA, manufacturer and exporter company in Bali and Java Indonesia

Bamboo Ducks Crafts Factory Bali Java indonesia. We're CV MAYA, owner of this online catalog. We're known as one of the biggiest bamboo ducks exporter company from Indonesia. Our company export bamboo ducks to many countries especially in Europe. We're wholesaler and exporter company dealing with big and small companies importer around the world. If you looking for bamboo ducks export company and supplier in Bali or Java, contact us. We're the right company for you. We're able to provide you with quality bamboo root duck carvings using the best bamboo root available combined with hard wood. Nice looking bamboo ducks at factory direct price. Direct from the producer and craftsmen. We support fair trade and eco friendly bussiness.

Bamboo Root Ducks from Indonesia by CV MAYA, bamboo crafts manufacturer company.
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Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia Bamboo Ducks Crafts Factory Bali Java indonesia Bamboo Root Ducks from Indonesia

Bamboo Duck Code: DUCKWS
Bamboo ducks with shoes. Bamboo root ducks with shoes. Bamboo Carvings from Indonesia

Painted Bamboo Ducks Indonesia

Bamboo Duck Code: DUCKWS in Painted



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  4. Bamboo Root Ducks Gallery 4
  5. Indonesia Bamboo Ducks Gallery 5
  6. Indian Runner Wood Carvings Gallery 6
  7. Hand Carved Wooden Ducks Gallery 7
  8. Teak Bamboo Root Ducks Made in Indonesia Gallery 8
  9. Duck Wood Carvings Indonesia Gallery 9
  10. Handcarved Bamboo Root and
    Reclaimed Teak Ducks Made in Indonesia
  11. Bamboo Duck with Wooden Tag 11
  12. Nesting Ducks with Wooden Eggs 12
  13. Bamboo Hedgehog 13
  14. Bamboo Birds from Indonesia 14
  15. Photo 1 Painted Bamboo Root Ducks
  16. Photo 2 Bamboo Root Ducks Painted
  17. Photo 3 Teak and Bamboo Ducks Painted
  18. Photo 4 Handpainted Bamboo Wood Ducks
  19. Photo 5 Bamboo Ducks Painted Indonesia
  20. Photo 6 Painted Ducks Indonesia
  21. Bamboo Duck with Shoes and Hat
  22. Bamboo Root Duck with Shoes
  23. Bamboo Duck with Shoes Boots Bamboo Root Ducks with Shoes Indonesia Bali Java Crafts

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