Bamboo Ducks Manufacturer Java Indonesia

Bamboo ducks direct from artisan factory in Java Indonesia. Bulk quantity order, wholesale only. Made to order, production takes 1 or 2 months, sometimes more. Depends on the quantity. Please contact us for further information. Send email to our Gmail address. See photo for our Gmail address. Send message on our WhatsApp. Links at the bottom of this page. Contact us now for bamboo ducks with factory direct price.

Bamboo ducks crafted by skilled artisans in Java Indonesia, have become beloved decorative items worldwide. Made from natural materials like bamboo root, acacia wood, and teak wood, these decorative ducks are not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our factory together with craftsmen and craftswomen employ traditional techniques to carve and hand-paint each bamboo duck, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Using simple tools, our bamboo root duck craftsmen meticulously shape the wood, bringing out intricate details that highlight the natural grain and texture of the material. The result is a collection of wooden figurines that exude positive energy and a cheerful vibe. One of the most endearing aspects of these bamboo ducks is their playful designs. Many of these ducks are adorned with colourful boots and hats, adding a touch of fun to their natural elegance. Whether it's a captain duck in nautical attire or a whimsical duck in spotted wellies, these creations bring a sense of happiness and prosperity to any space.

Bamboo ducks can serve as charming centerpieces for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, or as eye-catching garden sculptures for your balcony, terrace, or yard. Their varnished finish ensures durability, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions when used as outdoor decorations. These hand-carved ducks also make thoughtful gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, and birthdays. Their unique and handcrafted nature conveys a sense of care and appreciation, making them ideal presents for bird lovers, collectors, and anyone who appreciates artisanal craftsmanship. Purchasing these bamboo ducks supports fair trade practices, ensuring that the artisans receive equitable compensation for their work. It also promotes eco-conscious living by utilizing reclaimed and recycled wood, contributing to environmental sustainability.

These handmade bamboo ducks from Indonesia are a perfect choice. Their charming designs, coupled with the skill and dedication of the artisans, create decorative items that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and sustainable.

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Bamboo Ducks Manufacturer in Java Indonesia
Craftsmen in Java Indonesia working with Bamboo Duck in Boots or Wellies

These charming wooden baby ducks come in various colors like blue, green, and yellow. Each duck is unique, made from the root of the bamboo plant, making every one a bit different. These well-behaved little characters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. We offer a range of bamboo root ducks with colorful wellies, including a Super Hero Duck, ready for adventure. Our collection features various sizes, all handcrafted from bamboo root and acacia wood, and made in Indonesia. They are hand-carved in Indonesia from the root of giant bamboo, a highly sustainable resource as it regrows after harvesting. The Natural Bamboo Root Duck with Boots has large, laced boots and comes in an unvarnished finish, perfect for those who want to customize their own duck. These handmade and Fairtrade items from Indonesia include Welly Booted Ducklings in various polka dot colors, ideal for any home. Each duckling and baby duck may vary slightly and have natural imperfections due to the bamboo root used. They are varnished and can be displayed indoors or outdoors. A family of ducks with painted feet makes a charming addition to any space. The Duck with Boots, hand-painted and weather-resistant, is a delightful, whimsical decoration for your home or garden. Its cheerful expression and detailed craftsmanship are sure to bring smiles. Our bamboo boot ducks come in a variety of colors and are loved by both children and adults. Made from bamboo and wood, each duck is unique due to the natural variations in the materials used. These handcrafted items may have slight imperfections, adding to their charm.

  • Wholesale only. Minimum order US$ 1000/shipment apply
  • Sea freight port to port to any major shipping port worldwide
  • 30 to 50% deposit required to start production
  • Payment by Bank Transfer only
  • We are registered export company in Bali and Java Indonesia. Export worldwide since 2001
  • Contact us by filling inquiry form, chat on WhatsApp or send email to our Gmail address. Link at the bottom of this page.
Wooden Baby Duck Factory Java Indonesia
Bamboo Duck Artisans in Java Indonesia cutting bamboo root wood.

Bamboo Duck Factory

Bamboo ducks are painted with flower designs and have fun, colorful wellies. Made from the root of giant bamboo in Java Indonesia, they are hand-carved by local artisan families. Fair Trade practices ensure that the people who create these products are fairly compensated. Prices are directly agreed upon with the producers and adjusted based on material costs and local economic conditions. All items are handmade and hand-painted by artisans. We are committed to being environmentally friendly, understanding that our actions impact future generations. Most of our products bamboo root wood combined with teak or acacia wood, which grow quickly and can be used for small carvings in about few years. Many craftsmen use wood grown on their own land.

Bamboo Duck Factory