Bamboo Ducks from Java Indonesia

We are bamboo ducks producer and exporter company located in Java Indonesia. We've been exporting Indonesia wood crafts since early 2001. We make bamboo ducks and export it to wholesalers around the world. We produce all kind of bamboo wood ducks, from natural to painted one. Various sizes and styles. All handmade in Java Indonesia by our skill craftsmen and craftswomen. Our bamboo duck factory emphasize fair trade and environmentally friendly practices. By using bamboo, a highly sustainable resource, they minimize environmental impact while supporting local economies. Our bamboo duck factory operate with a commitment to fair wages and working conditions, ensuring that our bambo root ducks artisans are compensated fairly for their skilled labor.

Bamboo ducks are decorative wooden ducks handcrafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, primarily using the roots of bamboo plants combined with teak wood. These bamboo ducks are produced in our small family owned factory workshop. The crafting process involves harvesting giant bamboo roots which available in abundant in Java Indonesia, shaping and carving them into duck forms, and adding fine details before finishing with sanding and polishing. Various types of bamboo ducks are made, including standard, decorative, painted, and sport themed ducks. Our company have decades of export experience, ensure fair trade and environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, other wooden crafts, such as sheep carvings and roosters, are also produced, showcasing the artisans' skill and dedication. The diverse catalog of bamboo root ducks includes many shapes, sizes, and designs, reflecting the expertise and care of Indonesian craftsmen. Supporting this craft promotes sustainable and ethical practices.

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Bamboo Ducks from Java Indonesia
Bamboo Root Teak Wood Ducks. Bamboo root and teak wood ready for production

Bamboo root ducks are hand-carved, eco-friendly wooden ducks made from recycled teak and bamboo roots, crafted in our family owned workshop in remote village in Java Indonesia. These unique bamboo ducks come in various forms, including natural and painted versions, and are popular in both wholesale and retail markets. We create these teak bamboo root ducks, known for their charming designs, featuring shoes and hats. These bamboo root wood ducks, often referred to as bamboo ducklings or teak bamboo root ducks, highlight the artistry and sustainability of Indonesian craftsmanship. We've been making this wood carvings for export market since early 2000s.

  • Wholesale only. Minimum order US$ 1000/shipment apply
  • Sea freight port to port to any major shipping port worldwide
  • 30 to 50% deposit required to start production
  • Payment by Bank Transfer only
  • We are registered export company in Bali and Java Indonesia. Export worldwide since 2001
  • Contact us by filling inquiry form, chat on WhatsApp or send email to our Gmail address. Link at the bottom of this page.