Bamboo Root and Teak Wood Ducks

Bamboo Wood Duck factory in Java Indonesia, renowned for its handmade in Indonesia creations, produces exquisite wooden ducks crafted from bamboo wood, solid wood, and teak wood. Each unique piece, including Root Natural Wooden Ducks, features intricate details such as rubber boots and wellies, making them perfect for house decoration, garden decoration, or table decoration. The factory's skilled artisans carve and paint each duck by hand, resulting in beautiful handmade figurines that are ideal as gift ideas for various occasions, including weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Mother's Day. These ethically produced, fair trade products include a range of bamboo root wood ducks sculptures and statues, suited for both outdoor and indoor decoration, such as patio and balcony decoration. The factory also offers Fairtrade material creations, like the adorable hairy duckling and other reclaimed wood animals, all hand painted to perfection, ensuring each item is a unique, decorative piece.

Bamboo ducks handmade wooden decorations created in our bamboo duck factory in Java, Indonesia. Made from bamboo root and solid wood, these ducks are crafted by skilled artisans who carefully carve and shape each piece. The bamboo root forms the duck's body, while the head and legs are made from solid teak wood. These unique ducks often feature fun accessories like rubber boots and hats, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. They can be placed in gardens, on patios, or inside homes to add a touch of charm and whimsy. Each duck is a unique piece of art due to the natural variations in bamboo root and the individual craftsmanship. These ducks are not only decorative but also a symbol of sustainable and fair trade practices, as they are made from reclaimed bamboo and wood, supporting local economies in Indonesia. The process of making these ducks involves harvesting the bamboo roots, cleaning and shaping them, and then adding detailed features by hand. The final products are polished and sometimes painted to enhance their natural beauty. These bamboo ducks are ideal for anyone who loves unique and eco-friendly decorations. They make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Available in various sizes and designs, including ducks with colorful boots and hats, they bring a playful and artistic touch to any space. Bamboo duck factories in Java and Bali, Indonesia, have been producing these charming items for many years, exporting them worldwide and ensuring each piece meets high standards of quality and craftsmanship. The artisans' dedication to their craft is evident in the intricate details and the careful finishing of each duck. Order bamboo ducks now and support traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices. These ducks are a testament to the creativity and skill of Indonesian artisans and are sure to delight anyone who sees them.

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Bamboo Root and Teak Wood Ducks
Bamboo Duck Factory in Java Indonesia

Bamboo Wood Duck with Root Natural Wooden Duck is handmade from bamboo wood and solid wood in Indonesia. These wooden ducks are fun decorations for your house or garden. This type is made from untreated bamboo root, making the duck look freshly plucked. The body is formed from a bamboo root and shoots, with the rest of the duck made from solid wood. Handmade with bamboo wellies, they are ideal for table decoration, garden decoration, or as a gift. Hand-carved bamboo ducks are perfect for decorating your living room, hallway, or garden on a sideboard, side table, or shelf. For those who don’t have time to care for real ducks, we suggest the easy-care bamboo wood version. Our artists in Indonesia create cheerful little ducks, which are very decorative in your home. These wooden ducks with rubber boots in different colors are also great for rainy weather. Each piece is unique, and dimensions may vary slightly. These bamboo wood ducks with rubber boots make a great decoration or gift for duck lovers and are perfect for weddings or just as lovely home decor. Wooden Duck Garden Ornament, Bamboo Root Teak with Boots and Hat, Red Bamboo Duck - Handmade Wooden Figurine suitable as table decoration, garden decoration, or gift. Each piece is handmade and painted in Indonesia, making every duck unique. Suitable for outdoor and indoor decoration or as a cute gift. Each decorative bamboo duck is hand-carved and painted, with slight variations possible. Made from bamboo root body, teak wood head, and legs, they are robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These wooden garden figures add a bold touch to your garden, patio, conservatory, or balcony, making your home happy with this decoration. They are perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, and for animal lovers. Our products are made from bamboo wood and solid wood, handmade in Indonesia, and are fun decorations for the home or garden.

The ducks, made from almost untreated bamboo root, look freshly plucked and are weatherproof, making them great for gardens or as eye-catchers inside the home. These wood and bamboo root ducks are weatherproof and make a nice indoor or outdoor decoration. Made of bamboo root and solid wood, they include hats and boots, making them great garden decor or a gift idea. Each duck is hand-carved and finished with skill. Small Wooden Bamboo Root Ducks with yellow laced boots are made from reclaimed bamboo root wood, with the head, legs, and boots made from reclaimed teak, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These beautiful ducks are handmade by Indonesian artisans using reclaimed waste wood, making each duck unique. Our Fair Trade wooden character ducks are great gifts for any animal lover. Each duck is handmade, painted in bold colors, and adorned with extras like rope laces and fabric accessories. We offer a wide range of wooden animals, ducks, and hand-painted bird boxes, all ethically sourced and handmade with attention to detail.

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