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Our bamboo duck factory in Java produce these bamboo and wooden ducks operate under fair-trade principles. This means that the artisans are paid fair wages and work in safe, healthy conditions. By purchasing these products, buyers are not only supporting sustainable practices but also contributing to the well-being of local communities in Java and Bali. To order our bamboo ducks, please contact us by Email. See photo for our Gmail address. Chat on WhatsApp for quick reply. Links at the bottom of this page.

Sustainable, eco-friendly home decor, the charming, handcrafted wooden and bamboo ducks from Indonesia. These delightful bamboo duck figurines, ranging from cute bamboo ducklings to whimsical painted ducks, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration, making excellent gifts and conversation pieces. Bamboo is a symbol of resilience and sustainability. It grows rapidly and abundantly, making it an eco-friendly material for crafting. Wood, especially teak and bamboo root, is cherished for its durability and natural beauty. These materials are not only sustainable but also allow artisans to create unique, intricate designs that stand the test of time. Skilled craftsmen in our factory and workshop select quality bamboo roots, ensuring they are suitable for carving. The bamboo roots are harvested and cleaned to remove any dirt and impurities. They are then dried to prevent cracking and warping during the carving process. Artisans sketch the desired duck shape onto the bamboo root and begin carving. This step requires patience, as the natural shape of the root must be carefully transformed into a duck crafts. Once the basic shape is carved, the figurine is sanded to smooth out any rough edges and enhance the natural grain of the wood. The ducks are often painted in vibrant colors or intricate patterns. Some are personalized with names or custom designs, adding a unique touch to each piece. The final step involves applying a protective finish to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of the figurine. Our factory in Java specialize in producing these bamboo and wooden ducks. We employ local artisans, providing them with stable income and supporting the local economy. We ensure that the crafting process adheres to sustainable practices, minimizing waste and promoting the use of eco-friendly materials.

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Bamboo Root Duck Supplier in Bali Java Indonesia
Bamboo Root Duck Supplier in Bali Java Indonesia

One of the most popular types of bamboo ducks is the adorable cute bamboo root baby ducks. These figurines are hand-carved from bamboo roots, showcasing the natural beauty of the material. The ducklings can be painted in various colors or left in their natural state, highlighting the intricate grain of the bamboo. Painted ducks like skiing and drinking ducks are a perfect choice. These figurines are often depicted in playful poses, with vibrant colors and detailed accessories. The skiing ducks, for instance, feature tiny skis and poles, while the drinking ducks hold miniature mugs or bottles. These playful designs bring a sense of fun and personality to any home decor.

  • Wholesale only. Minimum order US$ 1000/shipment apply
  • Sea freight port to port to any major shipping port worldwide
  • 30 to 50% deposit required to start production
  • Payment by Bank Transfer only
  • We are registered export company in Bali and Java Indonesia. Export worldwide since 2001
  • Contact us by filling inquiry form, chat on WhatsApp or send email to our Gmail address. Link at the bottom of this page.
Bamboo Wood Ducks from Factory
Bamboo Duck Artisans in Java Indonesia

Buy Bamboo Duck Wholesale from Indonesia

Hand-carved bamboo root ducks are popular option. These wooden ducks are often made from teak or acacia and bamboo root, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. The carvings can range from simple, elegant designs to more intricate, detailed patterns. These wooden ducks are ideal for those who prefer a more classic, timeless look in their home decor. Personalized ducks are a unique gift option, allowing buyers to add names, initials, or custom designs to the figurines. These ducks can be tailored to suit any occasion, making them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarming gifts. The personalization adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness, making each duck truly one-of-a-kind.

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