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Wooden sheep made of bamboo root wood. Handmade in Indonesia by wood craftsmen. Made of bamboo root wood, similar to our bamboo duck wood carvings. The bamboo tree for the bamboo ducks are grows in abundant in Java Indonesia. They grows everywhere in Java Indonesia. It is rapidly growing and able to live almost anywhere. This is a renewable and sustainable resource. We made bamboo ducks in plain and painted colors. Also available bamboo duck with spikes. Link to all bamboo ducks on our web site is at the bottom of this page. Browse our catalog of various wooden animals made of bamboo root wood including bamboo ducks in football uniform, drinking ducks, kissing ducks, skiing ducks, bamboo ducks in

Product Code: BDC908
Wooden Sheep Wood Carvings from Indonesia

Wooden sheep carvings from Bali, Indonesia are a popular type of handmade wooden craft that is made by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques and materials. These carvings are made using bamboo root wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that is similar to the wood used to make bamboo duck carvings. The bamboo tree, which is used to make the bamboo root wood for these carvings, grows in abundance in Java, Indonesia. It is a versatile and durable wood that is well-suited for carving and has a beautiful grain pattern that is highly prized by craftsmen. The craftsmen who make these wooden sheep carvings are skilled in the art of handcrafting wood crafts and take great pride in their work. They use traditional techniques, such as hand-carving and hand-sanding, to create detailed and lifelike figurines that are sure to delight collectors and animal lovers alike. In addition to their use as decorative items, the wooden sheep carvings from Bali are also popular as gifts. They are often used to add a touch of cultural flair to living spaces and make for unique and memorable presents.

Product Code: BDC908
Wooden Sheep Wood Carvings from Indonesia

Wooden sheep wood carvings from Indonesia. Available in black and white. Various sizes. We are bamboo duck wood carvings factory located in Java Indonesia. We've been exporting Indonesian handicrafts since 2001. Years of experience in supplying wholesalers and distributors oversea. We have decades of shipping experience. Please feel free to contact us with your question regarding ordering our bamboo ducks or other Indonesian handicrafts. Send us email or use WhatsApp for immediate responce.

Product Code: BDC908
Wooden Sheep Wood Carvings All Sizes

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