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Handmade Candle Holders from Bali: Wooden Cat Candle Holders

Wood Cat Candle Holder

Product Code: CCH 1 to CCH 4 Price US$ 2.90 Size 44cm 17in
Wooden cat candle holders. Candle holders made of painted wood.
Made in Bali Indonesia. Colors other than show here is possible.

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handicrafts from Bali Indonesia

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A short article about Bali is below:
Bali People culture; A traditional Balinese house can consist of a high wall with several "bale" inside. Bale is a rectangular pavilion with a sloping roof and open walls, in every village there is a large bale banjar where the villagers can meet, discuss and perform their dance and gamelan music. Many restaurants and hotel receptions here are built as a bale banjar. The most complex architecture is used on the temples, the most important ones are richly decorated with sculptures and carvings. Every household has their own family temple, and every villages has at least three temples, each serves a particular function; pura puseh to honor the original founders of the village, pura desa for the spirits that protect the village, while pura dalem is the temple of the dead and also the site of the cemetery. Other temples are considered to be so important that they serve the entire island, like Pura Besakih. In the important temples the shrines will include the characteristic "meru", a sort of pagoda with several roofs or levels. The most important meru has 11 levels, there is always an odd number of levels. Spread around the island there are also several more or less well maintained royal palaces in memory of the powerful kings that once ruled here, their descendants still inhabit many of these buildings. Large and small stone statues stone sculptures can be found practically everywhere in Bali, often made to protect travelers and the population in general.


Many seems to believe that the growing tourism has destroyed "paradise", but the facts are that dance, music, art and culture flourish as never before. Traditionally the Balinese did not have a separate word for art, which was just a natural part of daily life, mostly for religious reasons. This has totally changed today with art galleries and craftsmen on almost every corner. Much of what is produced here now are cheap souvenirs, but those who look around will easily find articles of very good quality. As a tourist you will quickly notice the perfection with which the daily offerings and the Balinese ceremonial decorations in one of the thousands of temples are made.

Bali population is about 3 million, of which the majority, about 95%, are Balinese Hindus. As all other religions in Indonesia this one is also mixed with old traditions unique to the area, which adds to the rich and colorful Balinese culture. They pray to the same gods as the Indians, but has in addition many local gods, spirits and other figures that plays an almost equal role in their daily life. Bali maintains a traditional caste system as in India, but no area of work is based on caste, except for the Brahman priests. More than 90% belong to the common Sudra caste, and today the different caste is only visible through language, religious roles and rituals. The Balinese language is very different from the official Bahasa Indonesia, and mirrors the caste-system. Traditionally the language was separated in three different forms; low-Balinese (Ia), mid-Balinese (Ipun) and high-Balinese (Ida), the last form is almost only used when speaking to religious superiors.

There is always some new places in Bali to explore, some new customs and culture to discover behind every corner. It is said that the custom in one village is the exception in another. Bali with its wood arts crafts beautiful nature and rich culture are among some of the most exotic spots this planet can offer. Do not be afraid of bringing small children here, the Balinese threats children like gods, according to tradition they are not allowed to touch the ground for some time after birth to be as clean and close to the Gods as possible.

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Organic Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

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Bamboo Straws from Indonesia direct from bamboo straw factory in Indonesia

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