Coco Bowls

Coconut Bowls

Coconut Bowls Factory Indonesia

Coconut shell bowls from Indonesia direct from the factory. Buy coconut bowls in bulk quantity and import to your country. We supply companies worldwide with coconut bowls and also coconut wood crafts. Factory price, direct from Indonesia. We ship worldwide, we are able to assist you in buying and shipping process. Contact us now if you are looking for coco bowls manufacturer and exporter company located in Indonesia. No need to look further.


We provide coconut bowls for many restaurants, cafes, shops and wholesalers around the world. Coconut wood with selected quality. Carefully packed for safe shipping. Years of experience in Indonesian crafts export business.

Balinese Pressed Aluminium Storage

Coconut bowls from Indonesia. Food bowls made of coconut shell wood. Made of organic natural coconut shells. Made in Indonesia. Suitable for food. Food safe. All natural, no dangerous chemical is used. If you are looking to import coconut bowls in bulk quantity from Indonesia. Our company able to supply you with these coconut bowls. Other than coco shell bowls, we are also able to supply you with other kitchen utensils made of coconut shell or coconut wood including spoon and fork, chopsticks, trays and plates and even salt and pepper shakers.


Highlights of our products including but not limited to:


  • Good in shape and size
  • Strong and durable
  • Food safe, no dangerous chemical is used
  • Fair trade, your order for our coco shell bowls help us to provide jobs to many village people in Indonesia.

coconut bowls factory located in Indonesia

Photo of man working with coconut shells. We are coconut bowls factory located in Indonesia. We produce coconut bowls and other kitchen utensils products made of coconut wood and coconut shells. We have big amount of resources available to supply you with big amount of coconut shell bowls. Coconut tree is planted in many places in our country Indonesia. We have people in villages to supply us with old coconut shell for us to make it into wide range of products, including this coconut bowls.

Coconut Shell Bowls from Indonesia

Coconut shell bowls from Indonesia. Direct from factory. Wholesale price. Ship worldwide. Contact us now. Email or WhatsApp.

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