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Outdoor wicker rattan furniture. Rattan bedroom furniture from Indonesia by rattan furniture manufacturer.

Wooden crab table and wooden crab chair

Product Code: CRABTB and CRABCH
Wooden crab table and wooden crab chair. Wood furniture made in Indonesia
furniture manufacturer company in Indonesia. Indonesian furniture factory

Bamboo straws from Indonesia. Natural organic straws made in Indonesia, direct from bamboo straw factory in Indonesia. Replace plastic straws with safe, reusable, biodegradable, 100% natural bamboo drinking straws, bamboo Straws from Indonesia. Bamboo Straw Factory in Indonesia. Buy bamboo straws direct from factory in Indonesia. Cheap price. Export worldwide. Use our natural bamboo straws wherever you go for a drink. Natural biodegradable bamboo straws from Indonesia.

Bamboo Straws from Indonesia direct from bamboo straw factory in Indonesia

Crab Wood Chair Table Furniture Set

Teak root furniture and garden decor products by Balifurnish.com an online company owned by CV Maya, a teak outdoor furniture company in Indonesia. We provide teak furniture for indoor and outdoor. Furniture made of plantation teak wood or reclaimed teak. Furniture direct from Java Indonesia. Contact us now for more info on our furniture.

Rustic teak wood furniture from Indonesia. All kind of furniture such as chairs, tables, bench etc. Made of legally harvested teak timber. Eco friendly teak furniture.

Reclaimed teak wood furniture in rustic style. Furniture made of teak wood taken from salvaged old wooden Javanese joglo house. Furniture such as daybeds, bench, stool, chair or garden furniture set. All made of old teak wood. Recycle from wooden houses, wooden bridge, cart etc. Made in Java.

Here's a brief list of furniture we can supply

  • Teak root furniture
  • Rustic wood furniture
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Log furniture from teak wood
  • Cabin furniture from teak log
  • Indonesian woven furniture

Woven furniture from Indonesia. We're able to supply you with all kind of woven furniture made in Indonesia. Rattan seagrass or wicker furniture from Java Indonesia. Wooden furniture combined with woven wicker or rattan from Java.

Woven furniture manufacturer. Searching for furniture factory in Java Indonesia who produce rattan furniture sea grass or water hyacinth furniture ? We can help you!

Indoor furniture made in Indonesia. Furniture suitable for living room, bedroom or hotel furniture. Direct from Java Indonesia. Good quality reasonable price.

  • Indonesia woven furniture company
  • Woven furniture manufacturer
  • Banana leaves furniture factory
  • Water hyacinth furniture exports
  • Sea grass furniture imports
  • Furniture from Indonesia
  • Woven cane furniture from Indonesia

rattan furniture made in Indonesia

Woven furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Furniture for patio, lawn or garden. Also for indoor such as bedroom, living room etc. Looking for furniture factory in Java Indonesia ? We can help you. We're able to assist you in importing furniture made in Indonesia. There're many kind of woven furniture available. Woven furniture made of rattan, wicker, cane, sea grass, rattan peel, water hyacinth or banana leaves.

Furniture made in Indonesia by furniture manufacturer and furniture factory. Good quality reasonable price by CV MAYA, an Indonesian furniture company located in Bali and Java Indonesia. We're here to help you.

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Live Edge Dining Table from Indonesia

Live Edge Dining Table. Large Wooden Slabs from Bali Indonesia

Large Dining Table Furniture from Indonesia