Djembe Drums Factory in Bali Java Indonesia Manufacturer Exporter Wholesaler Company Supplier CV MAYA

Djembe Drums Factory in Java Bali Indonesia . We're djembe drums producer and exporter company. We have factory to make anykind of African djembe drums. We produce plain djembe drums, hand carved djembe drums and hand painted djembe drums. All made of hardwood including mahogany wood, durian wood or jackfruit wood.

Djembe drums factory in Bali Indonesia, producer and exporter company for handmade wood drums with goat skin leather. We're musical instrument factory with capability to produce a large quantity of African hand drums and other percussion musical instruments such as castania drums, chimes, Handheld Shakers, clackers, karimba. We also supply Native American Indian Hoop Drums from Indonesia.
Quantity of Djembe Drums in 20ft container (for 40ft container simply double the figure)

Djembe Drum 15cm 19,000pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 20cm 9,500pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 25cm 5,700pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 30cm 3,800pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 40cm 1,200pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 50cm 700pcs of drums
Djembe Drum 60cm 420pcs of drums

If you need to know the weight of the jembe drums, here's the weight of our djembe drums in Kilogram (Approximate)
Djembe Drum 70cm weight per piece 10Kg
Djembe Drum 60cm weight per piece 8Kg
Djembe Drum 50cm weight per piece 5Kg
Djembe Drum 40cm weight per piece 3Kg
Djembe Drum 30cm weight per piece 2.5Kg
Djembe Drum 25cm weight per piece 2Kg
Djembe Drum 20cm weight per piece 1.5Kg
Djembe Drum 15cm weight per piece 1.2Kg


Djembe Drums Factory Manufacturer and Producers in Indonesia. We're looking for serious buyers and importers. Contact us for wholesale inquiry. We give prompt reply. email us using our online inquiry form P.Fax (62 81) 353357458 Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022

Djembe Drums Factory in Bali Java Indonesia Manufacturer Exporter Wholesaler Company Supplier

Djembe Drums Factory in Bali Java Indonesia

Djembe Drums Factory in Bali Indonesia

Djembe Drums Manufacturer

Djembe Drums Factory in Java Indonesia

Djembe Drums Exporter

African Djembe Drums Factory in Indonesia

Djembe Drums Wholesaler

Djembe Drums Manufacturer in Indonesia

We have network of djembe drums craftsmen and producers in Java and Bali.
We're able to make djembe drums in large quantity !. We also have network of other musical instruments including gong, marakas, hoop drums etc.

Djembe Drums Factory Bali Java Indonesia

Djembe Drums Factory Bali Java Indonesia

Djembe Drums Bali

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Djembe Drums Wholesale Bali

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