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Handmade by small traditional home industries, artisans crafts producers in many remote villages across Bali, Java, Lombok Indonesia. The purchase of any of these handmade products helps the crafts makers families in their traditional daily life.

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Dolphin Wall Plaque Decoration from Bali Indonesia. Bali Wood Home Decoration and Ornaments

Dolphin Plague Wood Wall Decoration Bali Indonesia Carving

DWP-1 Dolphins Wood Plaque
23x100cm 9x40inch

Dolphin Wall Plaque

DWP-2 Dolphins Wood Plaque
24x70cm 9x28inch

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

DWP-3 Dolphin Wood Plaque

Dolphin Plague Wood Wall Decoration Bali Indonesia Carving

DWP 4 Turtles Wall Plaque

DPW5 Wood Carvings Horse Heads Wall Plaque Wall Hanging from Bali Indonesia

DWP-5 Horse Heads Plaque Bali

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

DWP-6 Elephant Plaque Bali

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

DWP-7 Balinese Wall Carvings

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

DWP11 Dolphin Wall Plaque Bali

More turtle wood carvings from Bali. Carved wood turtle handicrafts from Bali

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

Wood Carvings Code: DWP7 (CLICK TO ENLARGE!)
Handcarved wood turtles size 50cm x 28cm

Wood Dolphin Wall Decoration

Wood Carvings Code: DWP12 (CLICK TO ENLARGE!)
Handcarved wood dolphins wall plaque from Bali Indonesia

Mermaid Wood Carvings Wall Plaque from Bali Indonesia

Wood Carvings Code: DWP13
Mermaid Wood Carvings Wall Plaque from Bali Indonesia

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Recycled Boat Wood Furniture Bali Indonesia

Recycled Boat Furniture

  1. Recycled Tyre Furniture
  2. Big Wood Table Slabs
  3. Water Hyacinth Furniture
  4. Recycled Oil Drums
  5. Rattan Furniture Indonesia
  6. Wicker Furniture Indonesia
  7. Boat Wood Furniture
  8. Woven Furniture Factory
  9. Driftwood Furniture Bali
  1. Bali Stone Products
  2. Wooden Drawers
  3. Antique Furniture
  4. Wooden Door Bali
  5. Wood Furniture Bali
  6. Teak Root Furniture
  7. Surfboard Chairs
  8. Wood Hand Chairs

Homeware from Bali Java Lombok Indonesia

Homeware from Bali Java Lombok Indonesia

Airbrush Wood Surfboards Bali

Airbrush Wood Surfboards

  1. Fiber Glass Lamp Shades
  2. Rattan Lamp Shades
  3. Pottery with Egg Skin
  4. Petrified Candle Holders
  5. Natural Lamp Shades
  6. Bamboo Lampshades
  7. Wood Candle Holders
  8. Pottery Decorations
  1. Sea Shells Washing Sinks
  2. Stone Sinks Bali
  3. Bamboo Baskets Indonesia
  4. Dreamcatchers Factory Bali
  5. Bamboo Garden Torch
  6. Teak Wood Bowls
  7. Wooden Gecko Bali
  8. Sea Shell Carvings
  1. Coconut Wood Crafts
  2. Bamboo Vase Bali
  3. Garden Lamps Bali
  4. Wooden Baskets Bali
  5. Coco Shell Cushion Covers
  6. Palm Pots Garden Planters
  7. Hanging Dreamcatchers


Wood Bowls Company


  1. Natural Photo Albums
  2. Hanging Mobiles Bali
  3. Teak Wood Home Decors
  4. Wooden Pencils Bali
  5. Bamboo Wind Chimes
  6. Woven Wicker Placemats
  7. Beaded Purse Bali
  8. Natural Handmade Boxes
  9. Wicker Jewelry Boxes
  1. Bone Pendants Bali
  2. Coco Shell Photo Frame
  3. Aluminium Boxes Bali
  4. Ladies Bags and Purses
  5. Djembe Drums Indonesia
  6. Aromatherapy Spa Products
  7. Wooden Guitar Miniature
  8. Cheap Candle from Bali
  9. Wooden Boxes Baskets
  1. Wooden Dish and Plates
  2. Palm Wood Bowls
  3. Natural Sandals Footwear
  4. Painted Bamboo Ducks
  5. Painted Wood Boomerangs
  6. Coco Wood Spoon Sets
  7. Coconut Shell Crafts
  8. Retro Wood Signs


Buy coconut shell karimba direct from factory in Indonesia. Factory price export quality. We've been exporting these coco shell kalimba to gift shops around the world for years. Browse our wooden karimba and see how these African style thumb piano being made. See also other percussion musical instrument and gifts from Indonesia. Contact us by email or chat on our social media for more information about our Coconut Karimba on our LinkTree page.

Coconut Shell Karimba from Indonesia

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