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Bamboo root duck with shoes and hat. Good quality, very popular. Handmade in Indonesia by traditional craftsmen using simple tools. Handmade wood carvings wooden ducks. Bamboo wood root carvings from Indonesia. Bamboo ducks from Indonesia. Wooden duck factory in Java Indonesia. Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Bamboo root ducks from Bali Indonesia. Wood ducks wholesale company. Buy wooden ducks wholesale. Browse our catalog of wooden ducks from Indonesia. Handmade by skill craftsmen with years of experience in producing bamboo root ducks. Various styles and models. Wide range of styles. We have many available for you. Please contact us if you interested in seeing more styles and models for these wooden ducks. Send us your inquiry using form below or send email directly to our Gmail address. Send us WhatsApp message. See photo for our phone number.

Export quality Bamboo Wood Ducks

Export quality bamboo ducks from Indonesia. If you need bamboo ducks wood carving in wholesale quantity, contact us. We are able to supply you with good quality wood carvings. Beautiful shapes, good finishing. You can compare our bamboo ducks with others. We feel confident that you will love our wooden ducks. Handmade using selected bamboo root materials, skill craftsmen and carefull finishing. We spent more time on finishing than others. Dry wood and smooth sanding. Samples available for you to try. Contact us now. We hope you don't mind we charge you for the samples and postage, sorry no free samples.

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