Bamboo Ducks Indonesia

Bali Bamboo Ducks Wood Carvings

Wooden Ducks from Bali Indonesia

DUCK2 Bamboo Root Ducks with Shoes and Hat Duck Wood Carvings Bali Indonesia. These are wooden ducks from Indonesia, from the island of Bali. An island world famous as the producer of beautiful wood carvings and handicrafts. These duck carvings made of bamboo root wood combined with hard wood. Very popular to use as home and garden decors, especially in Europe and North America. These bamboo ducks hopefully will be your best seller for your shop or store. We're here to help you importing bamboo ducks from Indonesia to your country. We are wholesale company, please order no less than US$ 1,000 of handicrafts. Mix crafts from Indonesia, not limited to bamboo ducks only. We have wide range of Indonesian handicrafts which you could import. Surely you will easily reach the US$ 1000 per shipment minimum. See also tree root carvings from Bali

Bamboo Ducks from Bali Indonesia.

Duck2-1 Bamboo Ducks Made In Indonesia

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-1

Bamboo Ducks Made In Indonesia.

Duck2-2 Bamboo Ducks Bali Indonesia

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-2

Bamboo Ducks Bali Indonesia.

Duck2-3 Bamboo Root Ducks Indonesia

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-3

Bamboo Root Ducks Indonesia.

Duck2-5 Bali Bamboo Ducks

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-5

Bali Bamboo Ducks.

Duck2-6 Balinese Bamboo Ducks

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-6

Balinese Bamboo Ducks.

Duck2-7 Bamboo Root Ducks

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-7

Bamboo Root Ducks.

Duck2-8 Bamboo Ducks Factory

Bamboo Ducks DUCK 2-8

Bamboo Ducks Factory.

Bamboo Ducks Export

Bamboo Ducks Export

Bamboo Root Ducks from Indonesia. Wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood.

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Our Handicrafts are handmade in Bali Indonesia by traditional Balinese craftsmen who been producing many kind of Bali crafts and other Bali homeware for many years. These arts and crafts are available in various colors not only color shown here. Please browse our catalog of boat wood home decors. Various wood crafts made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats. Made in Indonesia.