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Eco-friendly women bags from Bali Indonesia. Straw tote bags made in Indonesia. Handmade straw baskets made of organic high quality straw fibre, handwoven by skill artisans in Java Indonesia. Round tote bags made of natural straw fibre. Suitable for everyday use or night out. Perfect as gift for your loved ones. This straw tote bags big enough to store your mobile phone, eyewear, keys, make up and other valuable items.

Organic Straw Bags Baskets Factory Indonesia

Handwoven tote bags from Indonesia. Large shopping bags handmade in Indonesia. Made of plastic strapping band. We collect plastic bottle waste and recycle it into plastic flakes. Then we make strapping band out of these plastic flakes. We then weave strapping band into tote bags. Recycled plastic bags from Indonesia. Large shopping bags made of recycled plastic strapping band. Handwoven by village women in Java Indonesia. Available in various colors and sizes.

  • Factory direct. Buying handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from us means you are buying direct from factory. Enjoy competitive pricing.
  • Quality control and years of experience
  • Helping us to recycled more plastic waste especially plastic bottles

Eco-Friendly Straw Tote Bags from Bali Indonesia

NATBAGS821-1 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-2 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-3 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-4 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-5 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-6 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

Natural Handbags from Bali Indonesia

NATBAGS821-7 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-8 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-9 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-10 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-11 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

NATBAGS821-12 Eco-Friendly Bags from Indonesia

Recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia

Handwoven plastic tote bags from Indonesia. Large shopping bags made of recycled plastic strapping band. Colorful woman bags made of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic bags from Indonesia. We produce and export shoulder bags made of recycled plastic strapping band. We export worldwide. We have years of experience in exporting Indonesian crafts to many countries around the world. We understand about quality control and export documents. We are here to supply you with all kind of recycled plastic shoulder bags made in Indonesia.

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