Bali Handicrafts Export by Balifurnish.Com We export many kind of Bali Handicrafts, including garden decoration such as hanging mobiles bamboo wind chimes. Please visit our dreamcatchers, bali bamboo windchimes bamboo bird house page. email us using our online inquiry form to obtain price list other ordering information . We give response only to serious inquiry. Please include your company/business info in your email. All products made to order. Please order in advance. Thank you.

Hand Painted Wood Garden Flying Mobiles from Bali Indonesia

Bali Wooden Flying Mobiles Balinese Crafts

Mbp1-1 Hanging Chimes from Bali

Product Code: MB-P1-1
Hanging Mobiles from Bali

Product Code: MB-P1-2
Hanging Mobiles from Bali

MBP1-3 Balinese Handicrafts Mobiles

Product Code: MB-P1-3
Hanging Mobiles from Bali

Mbp1-4 Bali Wood Handicrafts Hanging Mobiles

Product Code: MB-P1-4
Hanging Mobiles from Bali

MBP1-5 Painted Wood Mobiles from Bali Indonesia

Product Code: MB-P1-5
Hanging Mobiles from Bali

Sun Moon & Star Hanging Mobiles Painted Wood Mobiles Made in Indonesia

Product Code: MBA 10
Sun Moon Star Hanging Mobiles
Painted Wood Mobiles Made in Indonesia

Flying Mobiles Wood Crafts from Bali Indonesia
Butterfly Hanging Mobiles

Hanging Decoration from Bali Indonesia
Butterfly Hanging Mobiles

For pricing, shipping details info about these mobiles, please email us using our online inquiry form call (62 81) 7973 1022. We give response only to serious inquiry. Please include your company/business info in your email. Thank you.

Beach Shack Wood Crafts from Bali

Beach Shack Wood Crafts from Bali

Links to all Garden Mobiles Made in Bali Indonesia:

  1. MOBILES CATEGORY A (Planets Mobiles, Retro Mobiles Shooting Stars Mobiles)
  2. MOBILES CATEGORY B (Dolphins Mobiles, Frog Mobiles, Sun Flower Mobiles)
  3. MOBILES CATEGORY C (Fish Mobiles 15 Set, Fish Mobiles 27 Set, Fish Mobiles 51 Set)
  4. MOBILES CATEGORY D (Flying Duck Mobiles, Flying Parrot Mobiles, Flying Dinosaur Mobiles)
  5. MOBILES CATEGORY E (Batik Fabric Flapping Butterfly Mobiles)
  6. MOBILES CATEGORY F (Flying Guardian Goddess/Devi Mobiles)
  7. MOBILES CATEGORY G (Flying Frog Garden Mobiles)
  8. Hanging Shells
  9. MOBILES CATEGORY I (Wind Dancer 1, Wind Dancer 2, Wind Dancer 3, Wind Dancer 4, Wind Dancer 5)
  10. MOBILES CATEGORY J (Dyed Capis Shell Hanging Mobiles)
  11. MOBILES CATEGORY K (Dreamcatchers Made in Indonesia)
  12. MOBILES CATEGORY L (Mirror Hanging Mobiles Made in Indonesia)
  13. MOBILES CATEGORY M (More Dream Catchers from Indonesia)
  14. MOBILES CATEGORY N (Wooden Dolphins Hanging Mobiles)
  15. MOBILES CATEGORY O (Colorful Fish, Cows other Animals Mobiles Made in Indonesia)

Don't forget to view our Bamboo Wind Chimes Made in Indonesia

BAMBOO WINDCHIMES & BIRD HOUSE WHOLESALE from BALI INDONESIA Online Catalog Handmade Products Export Quality trading company sourcing service unique gift items lombok marketing give away promotional corporate merchandise Java Traditional Musical Instrument cheap coconut wood Craft Wooden Natural balinese distributor importer manufacturer factory
Bali Bamboo Windchimes
Bamboo Windchimes Grass Bird House

Bamboo Windchimes & Grass Bird House
Bali Bamboo Chimes
Bamboo Wind chimes Birdhouse

Recycled Boat Wood Furniture Bali Indonesia

Recycled Boat Furniture

  1. Recycled Tyre Furniture
  2. Big Wood Table Slabs
  3. Water Hyacinth Furniture
  4. Recycled Oil Drums
  5. Rattan Furniture Indonesia
  6. Boat Wood Dining Table
  7. Boat Wood Furniture
  8. Woven Furniture Factory
  9. Driftwood Furniture Bali
  1. Bali Stone Products
  2. Wooden Drawers
  3. Antique Furniture
  4. Wooden Door Bali
  5. Wood Furniture Bali
  6. Teak Root Furniture
  7. Surfboard Chairs
  8. Wood Hand Chairs

Organic Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

Organic Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

Airbrush Wood Surfboards Bali

Airbrush Wood Surfboards

  1. Coconut Bowls Indonesia
  2. Rattan Lamp Shades
  3. Steel Drum Furniture Bali
  4. Coconut Bowls
  5. Natural Lamp Shades
  6. Bamboo Lampshades
  7. Wood Candle Holders
  8. Coconut Shell Bowls
  1. Organic Coconut Sugar
  2. Stone Sinks Bali
  3. Coconut Bowls Indonesia
  4. Dreamcatchers Factory Bali
  5. Sea Shell Chandeliers Bali
  6. Teak Wood Bowls
  7. Sea Shell Lamps Bali
  8. Sea Shell Carvings
  1. Coconut Wood Crafts
  2. Teak Wood Bowls
  3. Coconut Bowls Factory
  4. Wooden Baskets Bali
  5. Round Rattan Bags
  6. Palm Pots Garden Planters
  7. Hanging Dreamcatchers


Rustic Boat Wooden Letters Alphabet

Boat Wooden Letters

  1. Natural Photo Albums
  2. Hanging Mobiles Bali
  3. Teak Wood Home Decors
  4. Wooden Pencils Bali
  5. Bamboo Wind Chimes
  6. Woven Wicker Placemats
  7. Beaded Purse Bali
  8. Natural Handmade Boxes
  9. Wicker Jewelry Boxes
  1. Bone Pendants Bali
  2. Coco Shell Photo Frame
  3. Aluminium Boxes Bali
  4. Ladies Bags and Purses
  5. Crochet Dreamcatchers
  6. Aromatherapy Spa Products
  7. Coconut Bowls Wholesale
  8. Cheap Candle from Bali
  9. Wooden Boxes Baskets
  1. Wooden Dish and Plates
  2. Palm Wood Bowls
  3. Natural Sandals Footwear
  4. Painted Bamboo Ducks
  5. Painted Wood Boomerangs
  6. Coco Wood Spoon Sets
  7. Coconut Shell Crafts
  8. Retro Wood Signs


Boat Wood Furniture Factory in Indonesia

Visit boat wood furniture factory in Indonesia. Manufacturer of reclaimed boat wood furniture. Handmade using old wooden fishing boats and Javanese houses. View how we produce various wooden furniture including dining tables and dining chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, home decors and many more. We make reclaimed wood furniture with export quality. Home furniture made by skill furniture craftsmen in Java Indonesia with years of experience in producing furniture.


View our best seller Boat Wood Dining Room Furniture. See Boat Wood Dining Table and Chairs Furniture Sets. Furniture for your dining room. Reclaimed wood furniture for dining table and dining chairs. All made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats or old Javanese houses. More info email us or Call/Whatsapp +6281353357458

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