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Handwoven pandan crafts made in Indonesia. Various handicrafts made of dried pandanus leaves. Handmade by traditional craftsmen and craftswomen in remote villages in Java Indonesia. Wide range of Eco-friendly gifts and crafts including pandan totes, mats, women clutch bags and many more. All carefully handcrafted by artisan community in Java Island of Indonesia. Earth toned home decoration and fashion accessories made of organic materials made of natural fibre including pandanus, raffia, straw and sea grass.

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Handwoven Pandanus Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-1 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-2 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-3 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-4 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-5 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-6 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-7 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-8 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-9 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-10 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-11 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-12 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-13 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-14 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-15 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-16 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-17 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-18 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-19 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Phat322-20 Woven Hats from Indonesia

Pmat322-1 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-2 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-3 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-4 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Mats from Indonesia

Pmat322-5 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-6 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-7 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-8 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-9 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-4 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Mats from Indonesia

PMat1722-1 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

PMat1722-2 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

PMat1722-3 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

PMat1722-4 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

Pmat322-9 Pandanus Mat from Indonesia

PBag322-1 Woven Bag from Indonesia

Handwoven Pandanus Bags from Indonesia

PBag322-1 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

PBag322-3 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

PBag322-4 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

PBag322-5 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

PBag322-6 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

PBag322-7 Pandanus Bag from Indonesia

Natural fibre crafts from Indonesia. Baskets and bags made of wide range of organic fibre including sea grass, water hyacinth, raffia, straw, jute, pandanus, sisal, banana leaf and many more. Browse our catalog to see our decorative storage products. Wide range of storage baskets, laundry baskets, hampers. Handwoven banana bark combined with seagrass, wood and other eco-friendly materials. All handmade in Indonesia. Storage Organization Decorative Storage‎. Woven Seagrass Basket Natural. Woven baskets made with seagrass handles for easy movement. Made with seagrass for natural style, this square basket helps you maintain a neat and organized space while keeping everyday essentials contained. The built-in handles make it easy to move around spaces, while the open top helps provide easy access to the contents. Use this seagrass basket to stow away your books, pillows and other items. Banana bark and coil rope wastebaskets. Perfect waste baskets for your office and bedroom. Perfect looks and perfect price. Decorative storage, Bins and Boxes. Basket and bag weaving Crafts by Skill Artisans. Basket and bag weaving is a traditional craft that has been passed down through generations of skilled artisans. These artisans have mastered the techniques and skills needed to create beautiful and functional baskets and bags using a variety of materials, including pandanus, grasses, and reeds. The art of basket and bag weaving has a long history, with evidence of baskets being used for both practical and decorative purposes dating back to ancient civilizations. In many cultures, baskets and bags were essential tools for everyday life, used for carrying goods, storing food, and even as fishing and hunting tools. Today, basket and bag weaving is still a popular and respected craft, with many artisans continuing to pass down their skills to the next generation. The process of creating a basket or bag involves carefully selecting and preparing the materials, creating a pattern or design, and weaving the materials together using a variety of techniques. One of the most popular materials used in basket and bag weaving is pandanus, a type of tropical plant with long, flexible leaves that are well-suited to weaving. Pandanus baskets and bags are often characterized by their vibrant colors and intricate patterns, which are created by dyeing the pandanus leaves before weaving them into the desired shape. In addition to baskets and bags, artisans also create a variety of other woven items, such as hats and mats. Woven hats are often made using grasses or reeds and can be worn for both practical and decorative purposes. Mats, meanwhile, are used for a variety of purposes, including as floor coverings, wall hangings, and even as a way to create shade or shelter. Basket and bag weaving is more than just a craft – it is a form of artistic expression and a way for artisans to share their cultural traditions with the world. These skillful artisans are not only able to create functional and beautiful objects, but they also play a vital role in preserving and promoting their cultural heritage.

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