Handwoven Placemats Coasters with Shells

Unique and handmade home decor from Indonesia. Handwoven placemats coasters. These are the perfect addition to any table setting, adding a touch of bohemian style and warmth to your home. These placemats and coasters are made from a variety of materials including straw, wicker, and seagrass, and are often adorned with cowry sea shells, adding a unique and natural touch to your dining experience. The handwoven natural fibers with sea shell placemats, straw wicker placemats particularly popular, with their intricate weaving and eye-catching designs. They make for a beautiful wedding centerpiece, adding a touch of bohemian elegance to your special day. Not just placemats and coasters, our traditional craftsmen also able to create stunning home decor items like seagrass placemats with cowrie shells, wicker boho placemats, and raffia bohemian round placemats that are perfect for creating a coastal or bohemian vibe in your dining room or party table decor.

Handwoven Placemats Coasters Cowry Sea Shells from Indonesia
Handwoven placemats with white cowry sea shells from Indonesia

Natural Organic Placemats Boho Style Beach Theme

Ocean-inspired and beach theme flair to your home decor from islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia. These regions are famous for their amazing handmade crafts, and you can find all kinds of unique and beautiful home decor items here. One popular product that comes from this region is handmade placemats and coasters, and there are so many different designs and styles to choose from. If you're looking for a coastal theme, you might want to check out the shell placemats, straw wicker placemats, and Bali placemats decor. These pieces are often adorned with cowry sea shells and can give your table setting an authentic beachy vibe. For a more bohemian look, try the fringe placemats, which come in a variety of colors and materials such as seagrass and straw. You can even mix and match different placemat styles to create a unique look that reflects your personality. If you're a wholesale or export buyer, you might be interested in working with us as your factories and suppliers that produce these lovely home decor items for your company. We offer a wide range of products, including sets of shell coasters, straw wicker coasters, Bali coaster decor, and natural seagrass placemats with cowrie shells. And don't forget about the beautiful raffia bohemian round placemats, which can add a touch of elegance to any table setting. Handwoven home decor for your beachy summer party or just want to bring some bohemian vibes to your dining room, be sure to check out the incredible handmade crafts that come from Bali and Java in Indonesia. You're sure to find something that adds a special touch to your home.