Pandan Homeware from Java Indonesia by Balifurnish.Com is a company for export wholesale of handicrafts made in Indonesia such as Bali handicrafts, Java handicrafts Lombok handicrafts. To place an order for our Indonesia handicrafts is easy,simply email your handicrafts order list using our online inquiry form. We hope you will enjoy browsing our Bali handicrafts online catalog.

Pandan Homeware Set from Indonesia. Browse our web sites or chat with us on our social media, go to Bali Crafts linktree page.

Rectangular Storage Silky Drill Lining From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-1
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Tapered Laundry With Handles and Lining Cocobutton

Code: DMC-P15-2
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Rectangular Storage With Plaited Leather Handle

Code: DMC-P15-3
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Round Log With Handle

Code: DMC-P15-4
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Round Tapered Bin From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-5
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Rectangular Tapered Storage With Handholes

Code: DMC-P15-6
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Storage Handholes From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-7
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Toiletteries With Blue Gingham Linin

Code: DMC-P15-8
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Rectangular Tapered Storage

Code: DMC-P15-9
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Cubes From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-10
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Toiletteries From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-11
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Storage Square based From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-12
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Round Storage Square based

Code: DMC-P15-13
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Round Storage Square based From Indonesi

Code: DMC-P15-14
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Wine Bag From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-15
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Square Tapered Bin With Metal Handles

Code: DMC-P15-16
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Round Tapered Plantar With Plastics Lining

Code: DMC-P15-17
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Treasure Box From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-18
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Oval Shopper With Handle

Code: DMC-P15-19
Homeware Set from Indonesia

Shopper Handle From Indonesia

Code: DMC-P15-20
Homeware Set from Indonesia

We have many homeware products from Indonesia. Made of various materials such as wood, stone, iron, fibers etc. All made by skill artisans across Bali, Java and Lombok of Indonesia. Please contact us for pricing. Remember all homeware shown here made to order only. Production takes at least 4 weeks. Please order in advance. We're also able to supply custom made home ware and home decors. Please email us your requirements. If you need homeware factory in Indonesia or home decor manufacturers from Bali, contact us. We're here to help you. We're homeware wholesaler and exporter company located in Bali and Java Indonesia.

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Homeware from Indonesia Bali Java Lombok

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Handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of plastic strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. Various women bags including shopping bags and tote bags. Beautiful bright colors, very durable and strong. Suitable to use as shopping bags. Please help us clean up the rivers and beaches in Indonesia from plastic waste by supporting the plastic bottles recycling into shopping bags. The more you buy these recycled plastic shopping bags, the more people collect and recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia. Less plastic waste in the rivers and beaches.

Recycled Plastic Bags Handwoven Shopping Bags from Indonesia

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Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia. Handwoven placemats made of organic fibres such as waterhyacinth, jute, straw, raffia, banana leaf, sea grass and many more. All handmade in Bali and Java Indonesia. Wicker table mats hand braided by skill craftsmen and craftswomen of Indonesia. Perfect for your dining table and kitchen. Environmentally-friendly, organic and sustainable kitchenware. Also available coasters and napkin rings made of the same natural fibre. Buy wholesale direct from factory in Indonesia. Buy from experienced exporter company. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia