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Our baskets are made with lots of care by local crafts people. They're not only light and eco-friendly but also really pretty. They're great for keeping things tidy while making your place look awesome. Tray Basket Set With Handles are perfect for organizing stuff and they look really classy too. Plus, they're easy to carry around. Large Handle Basket, a cool way to store your things? This basket made from woven seagrass is tough and can go anywhere in your home. Wicker Basket Set are handmade from natural stuff and are super strong. You can use them for all sorts of things like storing wood, laundry, or even as flower pots. Banana Leaf Wicker Basket are simple but really nice. They're made from banana leaves and can be used for pretty much anything. Each basket is special and shows off the cool skills of our craftspeople. They're like little pieces of art that tell a story. We've got different sizes and styles, so you're sure to find something you love. Whether it's for your home, office, or a gift for someone special, our baskets are sure to impress. If you want to know more or place an order, just give us a shout. Send email to our Gmail account or chat with us on WhatsApp. Detail on our LinkTree Page. See photo for the link address. Thank you!

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Handwoven Basket Factory in Java Indonesia

Woven Natural Fiber Basket Factory

Exquisite collection of handcrafted woven baskets from Indonesia. Our baskets are more than just storage solutions, they are pieces of art meticulously crafted by local artisans in Java Indonesia. Hand-Woven Seagrass Nested Baskets organize beautifully with our versatile Seagrass Baskets. Each woven fiber basket is lovingly handcrafted, lightweight, and eco-friendly, making them perfect for storage while adding character to any space. Built-in handles ensure ease of movement from room to room. Seagrass Oval Tray Basket Set With Handles stylish and functional Tray Basket Set. Made from beautiful woven seagrass, these baskets are perfect for any room in your home. Use them in the bathroom for makeup and linen storage, in the office for stationery, or in the bedroom for clothes and accessories. With various sizes available, they are a versatile storage solution for all your needs. Rectangular Seagrass Handle Basket Large a chic storage solution. Our Large Rectangular Basket is the answer. Crafted from durable woven seagrass, it combines style and functionality effortlessly. Storage in the bathroom, office, or bedroom, our Indonesian natural baskets is sure make a stunning addition to your space. Wicker Basket, Natural, Round, Made of Banana Leaf. Our Banana Leaf Wicker Baskets are not just for storage, they are statement pieces for your home. Use as fruit baskets, vegetable baskets, an all-purpose storage, their natural and boho-chic design adds a touch of elegance to any room. Our baskets are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. To maintain their beauty, simply wipe them dry with a damp cloth, do not submerge them in water. Add functionality to your space and also a perfect gift. Handcrafted baskets from Indonesia are sure to impress. Handwoven baskets from Java, Indonesia. Our baskets are meticulously crafted by local artisans, bringing a touch of Indonesian craftsmanship to your home.

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