Lampshades Lampholders Lighting Indonesia by CV MAYA

Lampshades from Indonesia. Natural lamp shades made of rattan, wicker, cane, grass, bamboo and other handmade lampshades direct from lampshades manufacturer and exporter company in Bali and Java. Supplier of lampshades wholesale and lighting accessories.

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Lampshades Lampholders Lighting Indonesia

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  1. Bamboo Lamp Holders
  2. LMP2 Decorative Lamp Shades and Lanterns
  3. LMP3 Rattan Lampshades Bali
  4. LMP4 More Rattan Lampshades
  5. Handmade Candles from Bali Indonesia
  6. Painted Candle Holders
  7. Leather Lamp Shade with Wrought Iron
  8. Balinese Garden Lamp Lantern
  9. Star Hanging Lantern from Bali Indonesia
  10. Coconut Leaf Bark Lamp Shades from Bali Indonesia
  11. Coconut Bark Lamp Shades from Bali
  12. Bali Handicrafts Wooden Cat Candle Holder from Bali
  13. Bali Stone Candle Holders
  14. Bamboo Torch for Outdoor Garden
  15. Fiberglass LampShade (FGL Page 1)
  16. Fiber glass Lamp Shade (FGL Page 2)
  17. Fibreglass Lamp Shade (FGL Page 3)
  18. Fibreglass LampShades (FGL Page 4)
  19. Fibre Glass Lamp Shades Bali (FGL Page 5)
  20. FiberGlass Lamp Shades (FGL Page 6)
  21. Fiberglass Lampshades Bali (FGL Page 7)
  22. Rattan Pendant Lamps from Indonesia
  23. Rattan Pendant Lighting Factory Indonesia

We're able to supply you with anykind of lamp shades made in Indonesia.


Lampshades Lampholders Lighting Indonesia

Lightings lamps and lampshades from Bali Indonesia. Fibreglass lamp shades, bamboo shades and torch for lampholders.


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Painted glass mosaic handicrafts Bali Indonesia. Terracotta ceramic with handpainted mirror glass mosaic. Mosaic bowls plates mirror frames dishes.

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Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia. Handwoven placemats made of organic fibres such as waterhyacinth, jute, straw, raffia, banana leaf, sea grass and many more. All handmade in Bali and Java Indonesia. Wicker table mats hand braided by skill craftsmen and craftswomen of Indonesia. Perfect for your dining table and kitchen. Environmentally-friendly, organic and sustainable kitchenware. Also available coasters and napkin rings made of the same natural fibre. Buy wholesale direct from factory in Indonesia. Buy from experienced exporter company. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia

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