Bali Handicrafts and Sea Shells Jewelry from Bali

By CV MAYA Indonesia, manufacturer company for various Bali handicrafts and Bali sea shells jewellery. Handicrafts from Bali such as djembe drums, photo albums, wood carvings, coconut shells handicrafts, bamboo ducks, garden mobiles and stone products. We're the no.1 source for teak root furniture from Java Indonesia. We have many garden furniture (chairs, tables, bench etc.) made of teak tree root wood. Teak root garden furniture made in Indonesia. Garden accessories such as palm tree trunk pots (palm vases).

Pearl shells jewelry from Bali. Bali sea shells jewelry. Fashion accessories and costume jewelry made of beads with pearl shells, seashells, abalone shells, cowry shells and other organic and natural materials. Bali pearl shells jewelry. Fashion belts from Bali. Bali shells belts. Beaded belts with seashells. Wooden jewelry. Body piercing jewelry. Bone and horn plugs. Organic plugs from Bali. Beads necklaces with mother pearl shells (MOP Shells), Bali bone necklaces, Bali beads chokers and bracelets. Pearl shells earrings. Sea shells accessories made in Indonesia. Pearl shells accessories from Bali. Bali pearl shells accessory.

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To place an order for our Bali handicrafts is easy. Simply send us your order list to us

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Once we receive your order list. We will reply with prices, shipping charge, discount, delivery time and bank info for you to make deposit. Our term of payment is 30% deposit and 70% against documents (after container delivered on board). We will fax or email you a copy of Bill of Lading. Bill of lading is a strong evidence that we delivered your order on board.

You can fill 20'ft or 40'ft with many different products.
Usually you will spend 7 to $12,000 to fill 20' container and 12,000 to $35,000 for 40' container.

Our minimum is US$ 1,000 mix handicrafts.

We have many Bali handicrafts so you can fill a container easily. Our products not only those you saw on our web site. We have more. You can also send me photos of other products from Bali that you wish to import. We will provide you with prices.

Our Bali handicrafts quality is good. We stand behind every Bali handicrafts we sell to you.
If you have problems with your order because of our mistake then we assume responsibility and credit you against your next order. Cheap price is guarantee. If you can proof that you get cheaper price other place, let us know. We will match or give you a lower price. Below you will find our products list. We have almost everything. If you don't see something you need. Please contact us. contact us with our inquiry form We will try to source it for you.

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Homeware from Indonesia. Home accessories from Indonesia. Home decors and home improvment products made of various natural materials including rattan, wicker, cane, waterhyacinth, pandanus, rice husk, grass fibers, sea grass, wood, stone, coconut rib etc. All made in Indonesia. Browse our catalog of homeware from Indonesia.

Homeware from Indonesia

Rattan Placemats Indonesia
Homeware Products

Homeware and Home accessories products from Indonesia

Homeware and Home accessories products from Indonesia

Coconut bowls from Indonesia. Coconut shell bowls from coconut crafts factory in Indonesia. Coco bowls wholesale price. Import coco shell bowls direct from factory Indonesia and enjoy our best price. Handmade and 100% real natural coconut shell bowls suitable for vegan food or breakfast. Durable and lightweight, natural materials, food safe and Eco-friendly.

Coconut Bowls Indonesia

Water hyacinth Stools from Indonesia. Made of solid wood and water hyacinth. Handmade in Indonesia. Little stools made of waterhyacinth and sea grass. Wide range of natural fibre such as waterhyacinth, sea grass, raffia, jute or straw combined with hard wood. Perfect to bring natural looks to your home and garden. View our catalog and contact us for further information regarding importing these woven wicker furniture from Indonesia. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Waterhyacinth Wood Stools from Indonesia

New Bali Handicrafts Products. Bali Handmade Arts and Crafts Catalog
Wooden Guitar Miniature Made in Indonesia (Guitar Replica)

Indonesian Handmade Products
Picnic Box

Handwoven Bamboo Basket from Lombok Indonesia
Bamboo Basket

Djembe Drums
Djembe Drums

Hand Painting Bali Batik Bed Covers
Batik Bed Cover

Carved Wood Cat Carvings Bali Handicrafts Long Tail Sitting Creatures Cats on Sofa
Wooden Cats

Handmade Coaster & Napkin Rings from Lombok Indonesia

Hand Painted Wood Container Shell Inlay Metal Brass Lombok Island
Wood Container

Indonesian Wooden Fruit Bowls Handicrafts Wholesale Art & Gifts
Wood Bowl

Bali Banana Bark & Dry Leaf Handmade Natural Photo Albums
Photo Albums

Carved Teak Wood Windows from Java Indonesia
Teak Windows

South East Asia Java Bali Lombok Potteries Terracotta Clay Ceramic Home Garden Decoration Vase

Ethnic Crafts for Home Wall Ornament & Decoration: Carved Wood Fabric Hangers
Wood Hanger

Teak Root Garden Furniture from Java Indonesia
Teak Root

Parachute Fabric Painted Bamboo Kites from Bali Indonesia
Parachute Kite

Handicrafts Wholesale from Balinese Sourcing Company: Wooden Sun Moon Mirror Frame
Wood Mirror

Balinese Wooden Wall Mask & Buddha Head Wall Decoration
Balinese Mask

Indonesia Wooden Handicrafts Products: Wooden Batik Painted Crafts from Bali
Batik Crafts

Hand Painted Traditional Balinese Dancer Wooden Wall Decoration
Wall Deco

Wooden Book Holders Carved, Sea Shells, Brass Arts & Crafts Lombok Island Indonesia
Book Holder

Handmade Coconut Wood Shell Photo Frame from Java Indonesia
Coco Frame

Handmade Footwear Sandal Slipper made of Natural Material from Java Indonesia
Sandal Slipper

Wholesale Bamboo Trays from Java Bali Lombok Indonesia
Bamboo Trays

Ethnic & Tribal Wood Statues from Lombok Indonesia
Wood Statue

Hand Carved Wood & Bamboo Canister & Candle Holders from Lombok Indonesia

Soft Home Furnishing Traditional Japanese Style Light Lamp Shade Bamboo Fabric Bali Indonesia
Lamp Shade

Handwoven Lontar Palm Leaf palmyra palm Baskets Boxes Handmade Arts Crafts
Palm Leaf Box

Handmade Small Wooden Box with Carving from Indonesia
Carved Box

Handmade & Handwoven Outdoor Garden Candle Holder & Lamp Bamboo from Bali Indonesia
Candle Holder

Native America Indian Chief Mask made of Feather Leather Resin
Native American

Wood Dish

Silver Plated Green Bronze Statues Souvenirs Accessories Indonesia
Bronze Statues

Wooden Chest with Carving Brass Ornament Mother Pearl Sea Shell Ethnic Painting
Wood Chest

Wood Grass & Sea Shell Place mats& Trays Crafts Wholesale from Lombok Indonesia

Handmade Handicrafts from Lombok Indonesia
Lombok Crafts

Balinese Wood Carving Handicraft: Doll House Wooden Animal Creature from Bali Indonesia
Cute Carvings

Ironware Handicrafts from Indonesia: Music Man Metal CD Holder
Wrought Iron

Glass Mosaic Candle Holders from Bali Indonesia
Candle Holder

Wooden Musical Instrument: Bamboo Didgeridoos, Teak Didgeridoos, Painted Didgeridoos & Plain Didgeridoos

Vetiver Grass Natural Fiber Fragrant Grass Root Hand Woven Placemats Java Bali Indonesia Akar Wangi Place mats
Place mats

Traditional Musical Instrument Products: Cheap Bamboo Windchimes & Bird Houses Bali Indonesia
Bamboo Chimes

Handmade Woven Grass Wicker Tissue Box & Holder Wholesale Bali Indonesia
Tissue Holder

Vein Wood Compartment Bowl from Indonesia
Kitchen Utensil

Handmade Straw, Rattan, Bamboo Bag with Sea Shells from Indonesia
Hand woven Bag

Hard Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia
Wood Carvings

Balinese Wood Carvings Wood Elephant Horse Fruit Bowls Mask On Stand
Bali Handicrafts

Beautiful Home Accessories from Indonesia. Take a Tour.
Visit our Online Gallery of Indonesian Home Decors

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Home Accessory Indonesia

Reclaimed teak wood furniture from Java Indonesia. Teak wood furniture made of recycled teak wood. Reclaimed furniture from Java Indonesia. Indonesian furniture teak wood.


Reclaimed Teak Furniture from Indonesia


Recycle Wood Furniture Indonesia


Java Teak Furniture Furniture


Old Teak Wood Furniture from Java Indonesia


Antique Furniture Indonesia Teak Wood

New Addition to Bali Handicrafts Catalog

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Links to cheap Indonesian wood crafts :

  1. Handmade Coaster Napkin Rings
  2. Plain Fire Burnt Bamboo Trays from Bali Indonesia
  3. Wood Grass Sea Shell Place mats Trays Crafts
  4. Wooden Dish from Indonesia
  5. Handwoven Placemats made of grass
  6. Vein Wood Compartment Bowls
  7. Handmade Woven Grass Wicker Tissue Boxes (Tissue Holders)
  8. Glazed Celadon Wares from Bali Indonesia
  9. Washing Basin/Sink with Sea Shells Coral Layer from Indonesia
  10. Magazine Holder Newspaper Basket Indonesia
  11. Tools Utensil Wooden Boxes
  12. Piggy Bank Pencil Holders
  13. Hand Woven Bamboo Food Cover from Bali Indonesia
  14. Hand woven Cane Wicker Picnic Baskets Boxes
  15. Wooden Chest with Carving, Brass Mother Pearl Sea Shell
  16. Carved Wood Chicken Rooster Hen Bird from Bali
  17. Wooden Giraffes in Frame
  18. Coconut Bowls from Indonesia
  19. Wooden Cats Made in Bali
  20. Hanging Mobiles from Bali Indonesia
  21. Wooden Flowers from Bali Indonesia
  22. Wooden Cat Candle Holders
  23. Bali Wooden Bookends Animal Carving
  24. Sun Moon Handicrafts
  25. Wooden Geckos Made in Indonesia
  26. Rocking Birds Made in Indonesia
  27. Bamboo Root Ducks
  28. Bali Handicrafts: Balinese Garden Lamp/Lantern with Wood Coco Fiber
  29. Handmade Coconut Wood Shell Photo Frame from Java Indonesia
  30. Carved Wood Fruit Bowls from Lombok Indonesia
  31. Bamboo Basket from Lombok Indonesia
  32. Bali Handicrafts: Hand Woven Bamboo Food Cover from Bali Indonesia
  33. Handmade Coaster Napkin Rings from Lombok Indonesia
  34. Bali Handicrafts: Fragrant Grass Root Hand Woven Placemats
  35. Handmade Woven Grass Wicker Tissue Box (Tissue Holders)
  36. Bali Handicrafts: Handwoven Palm Leaf Baskets Boxes
  37. Bali Handicrafts: Bamboo Trays from Bali Indonesia
  38. Bamboo Torch for Outdoor Garden
  39. Bamboo Vases for flowers from Bali Indonesia
  40. Cheap Bamboo Windchimes Bird Houses
  41. Grass Bird House Wind Chimes
  42. Bamboo Root Ducks
  43. Massage Oil in Bamboo Holder Essential Oil Diffuser Package
  44. Bali Handicrafts Beaded Bamboo Boxes Gift Box
  45. Handwoven Bamboo Basket from Lombok Indonesia
  46. Painted Parachute Fabric Bamboo Kites from Bali
  47. Carved Bamboo Wood Fabric Hanger
  48. natural photo albums from bali
  49. abstrac wood carvings
  50. hanging mobiles for garden decorations
  51. palm pots planters from indonesia
  52. teak root furniture from indonesia
  53. coconut shells photo frames
  54. bamboo root ducks
  55. bamboo rattan lamp holders
  56. stone water features from bali
  57. watersink with sea shells
  58. bamboo windchimes from bali
  59. large wooden bowls
  60. teak wood bowls
  61. wooden fruits bowls
  62. wooden bowls from indonesia
  63. large fruits bowls from indonesia
  64. wooden salad bowls
  65. wooden bowls with stand
  66. coconut shell wood bowls
  67. bamboo lamp holders
  68. wood lamp stands
  69. twigs lamp shades
  70. bamboo and fabric lamp shades
  71. balinese garden lamps and lanterns
  72. stone candle holders
  73. stone garden lanterns
  74. wood candle holders
  75. spiral wood candle holders
  76. wooden cats candle holders
  77. bamboo torch for garden
  78. coconut shells light stands
  79. bamboo lamp shades
  80. cut glasses candle holders
  81. petrified wood stone candle holders
  82. volcanic stone candle holders
  83. candle in wood container candle in bamboo poles
  84. candles in coconut shells
  85. surfboard keychains
  86. painted wood fish carvings
  87. wooden calendars
  88. eye glass holders
  89. napkin rings painted wood
  90. wooden pencils
  91. banana tree and coconut tree replica
  92. painted wood flowers
  93. painted wood fruits
  94. sun moon wood crafts
  95. Straw Sandals
  96. sun wall plaque
  97. framed creature wall hanging decor
  98. door stoppers
  99. piggy banks
  100. wooden puzzle from bali
  101. cd holders from wood
  102. magazine holders
  103. tools boxes and bottle holders
  104. bookends made of wood from bali
  105. wooden mirrors and photo frames
  106. skull and skeleton wood carvings
  107. painted wood boomerangs
Aboriginal dot art
Accessories fashions
Animal wood carvings natural
Animal wooden painted
Abstracts stone carving
Dance painting
stone carving
Bamboo root
Bamboo wind chimes
Belts Beaded Shell
Bottle holders
Boxes and ashtrays
Bracelets Beaded shell
Bracelets Wooden
Buddha painting
Buddha Stone Fiberglass
Buddha wood unpainted
Buddha stone carving
Buddha Wood Painted
Candle holder
Cats and friends
Coins Boxes
Cup Boards and CD Rack
Didgeridoo bamboo
Didgeridoo wood
Djembe Drums
Dot art painting
Dried Flowers
Earrings Beaded shell
Earrings Wooden
Flowers painting
Food Cover
Fork and Spoon
Fridge Magnets
Fruit baskets
Garden Lamps
Hair Ornaments
Hanging mobile
Incense essential oil
Lantern Bowl
Letter Box
Miniatur arts
Musical instruments
Necklaces Beaded shell
Necklaces Wooden
Notebook Photo album
Painting dot art
Parasite wood
Pencil hoders
Photo Album
Picture frames
Pirate and skulls
Pumice stone
Rain stick
Relief wall panels
Rings Beaded shell
Rings Wooden
Sarong ties
Sea horses
Sea life
Sea life
Stand stone carving

Stone Carving
Terracotta dot painted
Tiki design
Walking sticks
Wall plaques
Water Features
Wind dancers
Wood carvings mixeds
wooden partitions
Native American
Painting on canvas
Stone Carving
Table ware
Wood carvings

Bali Crafts - Crafts Indonesia - Woven Hats - Bali Sarongs - Banana Leaf Basket

Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia. Handwoven placemats made of organic fibres such as waterhyacinth, jute, straw, raffia, banana leaf, sea grass and many more. All handmade in Bali and Java Indonesia. Wicker table mats hand braided by skill craftsmen and craftswomen of Indonesia. Perfect for your dining table and kitchen. Environmentally-friendly, organic and sustainable kitchenware. Also available coasters and napkin rings made of the same natural fibre. Buy wholesale direct from factory in Indonesia. Buy from experienced exporter company. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Natural Fiber Placemats from Indonesia