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Balinese Stone Products for Garden Landscape from Bali by Balifurnish.Com

Bali has many beautifully landscaped gardens with stone bowls ponds, ceramic water jars, stone statues carvings, decorative stone planters, lamp housings, shades lanterns, water features fountain, carved murals, stone tiles blocks used extensively. The garden decorations usually made of lava stone, granite, white stone, sandstone limestone.

We're exporter company for Balinese landscape products made of stone please fill online inquiry form or call 62-81-79731022 VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE! GUARANTEE PRODUCTS!
Stone Products for Outdoor Patio, Garden, Pool Landscape. Stone Ponds from Bali Indonesia. All products here made to order only. Production takes at least four weeks. Please order in advance! See garden paving stones and walkways from Bali Indonesia . See also garden stone vases wholesale from Bali Indonesia

Balinese Stone Products for Garden Landscape from Bali

Stone Pond with Water Plant
Made in Indonesia

Balinese Stone Products for Garden Landscape from Bali

Balinese Garden Stone Products. Stone Pond with Lotus
Made in Indonesia

BUY DIRECT FROM BALI STONE COMPANY! Balinese Stone Pond Bowls Products Garden Landscape Indonesia
Stone 1
Bali Stone Product

stone bowls & ponds
Stone 2
Bali Stone Product

ceramic water jars stone statues carvings decorative stone planters lamp housings shades lanterns water features fountain carved murals stone tiles blocks
Stone 3
Bali Stone Product

garden decorations
Stone 4
Bali Stone Product

lava stone granite white stone sandstone limestone
Stone 5
Bali Stone Product

Bali Stone Product
Stone 6
Bali Stone Product

exporter company for Balinese landscape products made of stone
Stone 7
Bali Stone Product

Stone Products for Outdoor Patio Garden Pool Landscape
Stone 8
Bali Stone Product

Stone Ponds from Bali Indonesia
Stone 9
Bali Stone Product

Balinese stone pond & lantern
Stone 10
Bali Stone Product

Bali stone crafts
Stone 11
Bali Stone Product

Bali Stone Statues Statues Figurines
Stone 12
Bali Stone Product

Bali Stone Lamp Housing
Stone 13
Bali Stone Product

Bali stone garden decoration
Stone 14
Bali Stone Product

stone handicrafts in Bali Indonesia
Stone 15
Bali Stone Product

stone carvings
Stone 16
Bali Stone Product

stone carving home industries
Stone 17
Bali Stone Product

Bali Carved Stone Murals
Stone 18
Bali Stone Product

Stone 19
Bali Stone Product

Bali Stone Manufacturer Factory Exporter Supplier Producer Company
Stone 20
Bali Stone Product

Please email us using our online inquiry form for price list, shipping charge or to place an order for our Bali stone handicrafts. Besides Balinese stone pond lantern, we also export the following Bali stone crafts:

Giant Vase made of Palm Tree Wood for Outdoor Decor
Huge vase planters made of palm tree. Garden decoration

Palm tree giant vase made in Indonesia

Giant Vase. Palm Pots from Bali
Palm tree giant vase made in Indonesia
coconut tree wood planter

Garden planters and pots. Wooden planters and vases made in Indonesia. Garden accents and home wares. Landscape ornaments company in Bali Indonesia. Bali garden products.

Stone Bowls and Planters Made in Indonesia

Stone Planter Made in Indonesia

Stone Products from Bali Indonesia. Stone bowls and water feature from Bali. We have many kind of stone bowls and other products all made in Indonesia.


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  7. Teak Wood Puzzle Wall Decors
  8. Bali Stone Lantern Lamp Housing
  9. Bali Stone Candle Holders
  10. Petrified Wood Stone Candle Holder
  11. Stone Candleholders Made in Indonesia
  12. garden paving stones and walkways
  13. garden stone vases wholesale from Bali Indonesia
  14. Stone Mosaic Mirror Frames from Bali
  15. Bali Stone Garden Planters

Full Catalog Stone Crafts from Bali Indonesia

Stone Carvings Stone Handicrafts Bali Indonesia Stone Crafts Java

Other Gazebo from Bali Indonesia :

Gazebo from Bali Indonesia

Tropical style gazebo or hut from Indonesia. Knock down gazebo made in Indonesia

Bali handicrafts related to products on this page:

Rattan banneton baskets from Indonesia. Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia. Also known as rattan banneton baskets or rattan brotform baskets. Popular among professional bakers. Handmade using natural rattan cane. Food safe, durable and cheap. Splinter free using selected rattan wicker and made using stainless steel nails only. Direct from rattan basket factory in Indonesia. Competitive pricing and experienced exporter company. Manufacturer and exporter company of Indonesian crafts since 2001. Contact us now by sending email to our Gmail address, see photo for our email address. Samples available. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Made to order, please order weeks in advance.

Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia

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