Bali Handicrafts Wooden Bowls Company Indonesian Wooden Handicrafts Wholesale. Wooden Bowl Set with Pearl Shell Inlay for Art Crafts Importer.

Our handicrafts products are made by small traditional home industries, factory manufacturers, artisans cooperative crafts producers in many remote villages across Bali, Java Lombok Indonesia. The purchase of any of these handmade products helps the crafts makers families in their traditional daily life.

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Wooden Bowls from Bali Indonesia


Wooden Bowl Code: BSET-1
Wooden Bowl with Sea Shells

Wooden Bowls Factory

Wooden Bowl Code: BSET-9
Wooden Bowl with Woven Rattan

Wooden Bowls Manufacturer

Wooden Bowl Code: BSET-11
Wooden Bowl with SeaShells

Wooden Bowls Company

Wooden Bowl Code: BSET-12
Wooden Bowl with Woven Trim

Wooden Bowls Export

Wooden Bowl Code: BSET-12-Shell
Wooden Bowl with Shells

Wooden Bowls Producer

Wooden Bowl Code: SLDB
Wooden Salad Bowls with Spoon Set

Rattan Bowls from Bali

Wooden Bowl Code: BOWL 4-1
Rattan Bowls from Bali

Rattan Kitchenware from Lombok Indonesia

Wooden Bowl Code: BOWL 4-2
Rattan Bowls from Lombok

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Homewares from Indonesia. Home accents products

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Wooden Bowls Indonesia


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Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Bali crafts wholesale by CV MAYA company in Bali Indonesia. We're manufacturer and exporter company for wide range of products such as teak kitchenware, home decors, Bali furniture and home accessories. We produce and export sea shell crafts from Bali, teak furniture from Java Indonesia. Our company located in Denpasar Bali with factory in Yogyakarta. Please contact us by email or whatsapp. More info visit our Bali crafts showroom.

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