Pottery Decorations Made in Indonesia

Decorations accessories and ornaments for pottery, pots or vases. Decorations made of various natural organic materials such as coconut leaves bones, palm leaf ribs, golden bamboo poles, plant twigs and wicker. Unlike fresh flowers, these pottery decorations do not need constant watering. Made in Indonesia. Handicrafts to decorate home or office. Cheap price. Very popular.

This page show you our collection of pottery decorations. Made of dried plants and then dyed. Handcrafts in Indonesia.

Pottery Decorations Coconut Leaves Ribs palm leaf Bones Stick Bamboo Twigs Wicker Indonesia

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Twigs pottery decorations. Beautiful terrazzo with beautiful pottery decorations made of plants twigs and wicker. For sell in bunch. Please email us using our online inquiry form for more info

Decorations accessories ornaments for pottery pots vases planters

Product Code: POTDECO 1
Palm Leaf Bones Beads

natural organic materials such as coconut leaves bones palm leaf ribs golden bamboo poles plant twigs wickers

Product Code: POTDECO 2
Palm Leaf Bones Beads

pottery decorations dried plants dyed Handcrafts in Indonesia plants twigs wickers Palm Leaf Bones Beads

Product Code: POTDECO 3
Palm Leaf Bones Beads


Product Code: POTDECO 4
Wood Sticks with Dried Flowers

handicrafts importers bali java indonesia

Product Code: POTDECO 5
Golden Bamboo Poles with Sticks

handcrafted products from Indonesia

Product Code: POTDECO 6
Burnt Golden Bamboo Poles

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Dried corn husk flowers made in Indonesia. Corn flowers in iron vase
Click for more iron vases from Indonesia

Egg shells inlay potteries with dried plant pottery decorations
Product Code: 4c TKT 119
Egg shells inlay potteries with dried plant pottery decorations

Pottery with Egg Shell Inlay
Product Code: 5c TKT 066
More Pottery with Egg Shell Inlay

Product Code: 4c TKT 118
This is also egg shells pots with dried twigs as pottery decors. Click link above to view our catalogs of EGG SHELL POTS

Decorations and ornaments for pots or planters. Made of dried plant twigs and wicker. Handicrafts products of Indonesia. We're handicrafts manufacturer company located in Indonesia. We produce various kind of home accessories products made of natural materials. If you interested in any of our products including the pottery decorations on this page. We'll be happy to provide details information regarding our products.

Decorative Feather Butterfly Decorations

Planters and pots decorations made in Indonesia. Made to order only. Production takes at least 2 weeks. Please remember that we're wholesaler. We sell wholesale only. . This is the total amount of products not including shipping. Payment by bank transfer only. Sorry, no credit card or paypal.

Bamboo Stick Vase Decorations

Bamboo sticks. Price Rp 2500 US$ 0.28 2 meter. Rp 2000 US$ 0.22 1.5 meter
US$ price based on exchange rate Rp 9,000. Subject to change.

Handicrafts Indonesia manufacturer, factory and exporter company looking for distributor worldwide. We're looking for handicrafts importers and wholesalers around the world to distribute our arts and crafts products. We have many beautiful and reasonably price handcrafted products from Indonesia. These products made in various islands such as Java, Bali and Lombok. Please send your inquiry to us. Don't forget to provide a brief information regarding your company or business. We receive many inquiry everyday, but we give response only to serious inquiry.

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Teak Root Furniture, Teak Wood Buckets and other Garden Decorations from Indonesia

Handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of plastic strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. Various women bags including shopping bags and tote bags. Beautiful bright colors, very durable and strong. Suitable to use as shopping bags. Please help us clean up the rivers and beaches in Indonesia from plastic waste by supporting the plastic bottles recycling into shopping bags. The more you buy these recycled plastic shopping bags, the more people collect and recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia. Less plastic waste in the rivers and beaches.

Recycled Plastic Bags Handwoven Shopping Bags from Indonesia

Bali crafts wholesale by CV MAYA company in Bali Indonesia. We're manufacturer and exporter company for wide range of products such as teak kitchenware, home decors, Bali furniture and home accessories. We produce and export sea shell crafts from Bali, teak furniture from Java Indonesia. Our company located in Denpasar Bali with factory in Yogyakarta. Please contact us by email or whatsapp. More info visit our Bali crafts showroom.