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Rattan Furniture Factory in Indonesia

Rattan Chairs made in Indonesia

Natural rattan chairs from Indonesia. Lightweight natural rattan chairs by rattan factory in Java Indonesia. Available at competitive price, direct rattan chair factory in Indonesia. Handmade natural rattan made in Indonesia. Handcrafted by rattan furniture craftsmen with years of experience in producing rattan chairs and furniture for export market. Natural rattan furniture from Indonesia by rattan furniture factory. Durable furniture made of rattan. Rattan is wonderful material to use for furniture. Rattan grows in the forests of Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Rattan grows with incredible speed, it only found in rain forests. Rattan is lightweight and durable. Rattan can be crafted into many kind of furniture or handicrafts. We use natural rattan for the following furniture: Lounge Chairs, Dining Chairs, Sofas, stools, tables, baskets even lampshades. See also Rattan Floor Chairs from Indonesia.

Rattan Chairs from Indonesia

Why we use rattan for our furniture, because rattan is lightweight, durable, flexible, insect and moisture resistant. Rattan furniture is easy to carry and move around and since rattan vine grows in humid environment, it is naturally moisture resistant.

  • Factory direct. Buying rattan furniture from us means you are buying direct from factory. Enjoy competitive pricing.
  • Quality control and years of experience
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Biodegradable, 100% natural rattan.

Rattan Chairs from Rattan Furniture Factory in Indonesia

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RTNCR2219-2 Rattan Chairs Indonesia

RTNCR2219-3 Rattan Chairs Indonesia

RTNCR2219-4 Rattan Chairs Indonesia

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RTNCR2219-6 Rattan Chairs Indonesia

Rattan Furniture Factory in Indonesia

Wide range of furniture made of natural rattan cane. We produce chairs, bench, tables and rattan beds. Rattan furniture for living room, bedroom and dining room. Real rattan furniture for your living room, dining room and kitchen. All kind of rattan furniture. Handmade in Indonesia.

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