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Rattan Lamps from Indonesia

Rattan Lamps Factory in Indonesia

Rattan Lamp Factory in Indonesia

Rattan cane lamps factory in Indonesia.Rattan lamps from Indonesia. Rattan cane lampshades made in Indonesia. Hanging lamps made of rattan cane handmade in Indonesia by rattan lamp shades manufacturer and exporter company. We produce indoor lamps and tabletop lamps using real rattan cane. Factory direct and wholesale only. We are hotel and restaurant project supplier located in Indonesia. We export our rattan lamps to many countries around the world for hotels, restaurants, offices around the world. Rattan pendant lamps made in Indonesia, direct from rattan factory in Indonesia. rattan lighting to your home. Rattan pendant lamps from Bali and Java Indonesia. Basket weave rattan pendant shade. Handmade rattan lamp shade for you who love real rattan wicker cane. Handcrafted using natural rattan lampshade by skill rattan weavers in Java Indonesia. Woven natural rattan, real rattan not plastic. Renewable and sustainable. Eco-friendly and fair trade.

Handmade Rattan Lamps Factory in Indonesia

Handmade rattan lamp shade from Indonesia. Wicker lamps with rustic and natural pendant hanging lamps. Natural rattan chandelier using handwoven natural cane lamps from Bali and from Java Indonesia.

Handmade Rattan Lamp Factory from Indonesia

Rattan lamps made in Indonesia by rattan lamp factory in Java Indonesia. Lamp shades made of real rattan cane. Handwoven by skill craftsmen and craftswomen of Indonesia, years of experience of producing rattan lamps for oversea market. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration for cafe, restaurant, patio or garden.

Rattan Lamps made in Indonesia

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