Stone Candle

River stone Candle from Bali

River stone bowls made in Indonesia. This is stone bowls made of stones taken from rivers of Indonesia. Available in various sizes and shapes. Beautiful and natural. Suitable for your home and garden. Also good to use for your home decoration. Size and shapes might vary from photo shown here. Please email us for further information regarding these stone bowls. See also Natural Stone Sinks from Indonesia.

River stone and rock bowls from Bali Indonesia

Handicrafts Code: DSCN-1728
River stone candle from Bali Indonesia. Natural Stone Candle Holders from Bali Need stone candle holders for your spa, restaurant, hotel or cafe project? Stone Candle Holders from Bali Indonesia: Riverbed Stone Candle Holders. Email to our Gmail address or Chat with us on WhatsApp. More info on our LinkTree Page shipping info. We give response only to serious inquiry. Please provide complete address a brief info about your business/company. Cut Rock Candle Holders from Bali Indonesia. Beautiful candle holders made of natural stone (riverbed stones). Made in Indonesia. River stone candle holders from bali. Rock filled with Candle Handicrafts from Indonesia.

River stone sink bowls from Bali Indonesia

DSCN1728-2. River stone candle holders. Available in various sizes.

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