Victorian Rocking Horse from Indonesia by Balifurnish.Com
Most toys come and go, a rocking horse will last innumerable generations, giving pleasure to young and old alike. Your children and grandchildren enjoy playing on it and in turn their children. A rocking horse will pass from generation to generation as family heirloom should. A details specification about our rocking horse is below.

Victorian Rocking Horse Made in Indonesia
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Rocking Horse made in indonesia

Product Code: VROCK (hint: victorian rocking horse)
Rocking Horse made in indonesia. Mahogany wood real horse hair.
Market price US$ 3500 to US$ 5000. WE SELL ONLY US$ 850

Specification for traditional victorian rocking horse:

  1. Horse safety stand: insect treated, kiln dried to prevent warping, solid mahogany wood.
  2. Weight: About 50kg
  3. Height: 118cm (47in)
  4. Width of Stand: 50cm (20in)
  5. Length of Stand: 150cm (60in)
  6. Deluxe real leather: Saddle, bridle, reins, chest straps, stirrup leathers
  7. Antique style solid brass: Swing irons, swing irons brackets, bearings, stirrups
    Fulmer bit, victorian rosettes, buckles, bolts, nuts screws, fancy nail pack
  8. Special limited edition: Brass plaque, to be mounted on safety stand (no 101/600)
  9. Mane tail: Real Horse Hair, seamed at a wigmaker
  10. Deluxe Style Rocking Horses (large): Victorian Dark Mahogany, Victorial Natural Mahogany
  11. Paint Lacquer: Meets the non toxic requirements

We use purely solid mahogany wood,because it looks rich in appearance, feels ultra smooth to the touch and has a close grain. Mahogany trees were discovered on the island of the West Indies by the early Spanish explorer. It's value for furniture making was not realized until the early 18th century. By 1750 Thomas Chippendale was using mahogany wood to make some of the finest furniture ever produced.

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