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Sea Shell Crafts Indonesia

Sea shell balls and sphere made in Indonesia. Decorative shell balls from Indonesia. Various sizes and type of sea shells used in making these nautical beach styles ornaments. Colours of the sea shells also vary. We have red, pink, brown, black and white sea shells. All real and original sea shells. Use these shell decorations on your kitchen dining table, bathroom or living room. Our sea shell sphere are very popular. We export worldwide to almost any major ports around the world.

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Sea Shell Crafts from Indonesia

Sea shell sphere home decors from Indonesia. Perfect gift for all beach lovers. Add nautical summer beach and bohemian look to your home, kitchen or bathroom with these handcrafted shell balls sphere. Made of various sea shells including cowry shells, conches shells, and other sea shells in various colours. These shell balls look great as decoration for your kitchen table, living room or even bathroom. Perfect to use at beach wedding during summer time. We have wide range of sea shell home decors, not only shell home ornaments, but also chandelier, hanging ornaments and also various sea shell lamps and bowls. Please contact us by email if you are interested in buying our sea shell crafts in bulk quantity. See photo for our Gmail email address.

Sea Shell Balls Sphere from Indonesia

Handcrafted shell sphere from Indonesia. Nautical Craft Ornaments. Beach balls to decorate your bathroom or kitchen. Perfect as gift for all beach lovers. Buy direct from factory and exporter in Indonesia. Source all your handmade crafts direct from Indonesia and enjoy competitive prices. We are manufacturer and export company with more than 20 years of experience in export trade for many Indonesian handicrafts. Browse our web site to view other handicrafts made of sea shells. Contact us for more information about ordering our shell crafts from Indonesia. Sea shell crafts are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of the beach to their home decor. In Indonesia, one company that is leading the way in the production of high-quality sea shell crafts is the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory. This company specializes in the production of decorative sea shell balls and spheres, and has gained a reputation for producing top-quality products. The Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory was founded by a group of skilled artisans who are passionate about preserving traditional handicraft techniques. Using only the finest materials, the artisans at the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory produce a wide range of sea shell balls and spheres in various sizes and styles. These products are not only beautifully crafted, but they are also highly durable and built to last. One of the standout features of the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory's products is the attention to detail. The artisans take great care to carefully select and arrange the shells, ensuring that each piece is visually appealing and unique. The shells are also carefully hand-dyed to create a range of stunning colors, from soft pastels to bold, vibrant hues. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory's products are also popular for their versatility. The sea shell balls and spheres can be used in a wide range of settings, from nautical-themed beach houses to more formal living spaces. They can be displayed on their own or used as part of a larger decorating scheme, and their compact size makes them easy to display on shelves, mantels, and other surfaces. As well as producing sea shell balls and spheres, the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory also offers a range of other handmade crafts, including home decor items, souvenirs, and gifts. These products are all made using the same high-quality materials and techniques as the sea shell crafts, and are perfect for tourists looking to bring a piece of Indonesia home with them. The Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory has gained a loyal following around the world, and their products are in high demand from businesses looking to import high-quality sea shell crafts from Indonesia. The company's commitment to producing top-quality products using traditional handicraft techniques makes it a valuable partner for any business looking to import sea shell crafts from Indonesia. Whether you're looking for sea shell balls, spheres, or other sea shell crafts, the Indonesia Sea Shell Crafts Factory is a reliable and trustworthy export company.

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