Seashell Photo Frames from Indonesia by owned by CV MAYA, Handmade Frames Manufacturer Exporter Company in Bali

Photo frames from Bali Indonesia made of carton paper with sea shells and sand. Cheap stationery from Indonesia suitable as souvenirs and gifts. Very popular. We've been exporting these seashell photo frames and the all natural photo frames for years to many arts and crafts importers and wholesalers around the world.

Our company CV MAYA, manufacturer and exporter company. We're producer of various handmade stationary. We export directly to companies and suppliers oversea. We supply sea shell handicrafts from Indonesia. If your company need to import seashell photo frames direct from handicrafts manufacturer in Bali, contact us. We're able to produce these sea shells and sand photo frames according to your request. Wholesale only. Minimum order apply. Please contact us for wholesale price of these seashell frames.

Seashell Photo Frames by CV MAYA, photo frames manufacturer company from Indonesia. WHOLESALE PRICE AVAILABLE. Contact us now, we give quick reply.

Seashell Photo Frames from Indonesia handicrats manufacturer in Bali sand photo frames

Photo Frame Code: Frame-P8-1
Carton paper photo frame with sand and sea shells. This seashell frame available in various colors and sizes. We make this photo frames in various sizes. The most common size is Large 34x28cm, Medium 20x25cm, Small 17x21cm.


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