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Seashell Crafts Factory Bali Indonesia

Sea shell crafts made in Bali Indonesia by our craftsmen. Various shells and crafts made of mainly sea shells combined with other materials such as wood, resin or metal. Handmade in Indonesia. Various models and sizes. Made to order but some available for immediate delivery. We have many shell crafts available, these are some of them, please contact us by email or WhatsApp if you require other kind of shell crafts not found here but you know that are made in Indonesia. Simply email us the pictures, we will make it for you or better send us the real samples by express courier such as DHL, FedEx or TNT.

Shell 4 Sea Shell Crafts Wholesale Bali Indonesia

Sea Shells from Bali Indonesia SHELL 4

Sea shells right from the producer in Indonesia. Buy our sea shells and crafts. Export quality, made almost entirely by hand or simple tools. Suitable as souvenirs or gifts to your shops. Wholesale only, we have a minimum order of US$ 500 to US$ 1000 per shipment. We are flexible for 1st time buyer. Please contact us for more information regarding importing our sea shells and crafts to your country in bulk quantity.

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Please go to next page to see even more shell crafts by cvmaya, a crafts producer company in Bali Indonesia. Remember these items are mostly made to order items. But we sometime keep stock of our shell crafts. Please order in advance.

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