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Vases made of palm tree trunk wood. For residential home entrance, garden decoration or shop landmark. Are you landscape designers, architect, or landscape contractor company with with project to decorate park, resorts, shopping mall? do you need garden accessories ? These palm pots is a good product for Garden Landscaping decors or simply for flower pots planters. Add a strong natural look feel to your home garden with these big wood pots from Indonesia.

Palm pots from Indonesia. Made of palm wood which is hollowed out, sanded down and hand varnished. A beautiful indoor or outdoor decoration. Available in 3 sizes. This palm tree trunk pots will add tropical look to your home, garden, hotel, shop etc. Beautiful huge palm tree trunk pot. More info about this palm pots, read below.

Palm tree wood pots. Palm pots and palm vases. Wooden planters made of palm tree trunk, hollowed out and fine sanded. Available in various sizes: 100cm, 150cm and 200cm high with around 70cm diameter (40inch, 60inch and 80inch high with 28inch diameter). Our palm planters available in rustic brown, dark and fine sanded finish (natural).

Palm Tree Wood Vases Pots Outdoor Garden Landscape from Bali Indonesia

coconut palm tree wood vase planter indonesia company

Palm Pots from Bali Indonesia

Carved Wood Palm Vases from Bali Indonesia

Carved Wood Palm Vases from Bali Indonesia

Carvings Palm Tree Wood Pots from Bali Indonesia

Carvings Palm Tree Wood Pots from Bali Indonesia

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Palm Vases from Bali Indonesia

Palm tree wood pots Palm pots palm vases Wooden planters made of palm tree trunk palm planters garden decorations home interior accessories landscape lawn patio park hotel resort residence project landscaping

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Garden Pottery Landscape Decorations Wood Palm Pots

Garden Pottery Landscape Decorations Wood Palm Pots

Palm Tree Cabinet

Product Code: PLMC
Palm Tree Cabinet
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Teak Wood Vases from Bali Indonesia

Product Code: TKPOT
Teak Wood Vases from Bali Indonesia

Large Teak Wood Bowl from Indonesia

Product Code: TBOWL 4
Wood Bowls from Indonesia
Also good as garden planter

Tree Wood Planters Outdoor Pots Indonesia Bali

Palm tree planters
Tree Wood Planters Outdoor Pots Indonesia Bali
Also good as garden planter

Carved Palm Wood Pots Planters Palm pots and palm vases from Bali

Product Code: CPLPOT
Carved Palm Wood Pots Planters
Palm pots and palm vases from Bali

Tree Trunk Palm Tree Pots Planters Indonesia Bali

Tree Trunk Palm Tree Pots Planters Indonesia Bali. Carved Tree Trunk as outdoor garden planters. Palm tree planters from Indonesia.

These palm vases made in Indonesia, a country located close to Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia Papua New Guinea. The wood for vase taken from palm tree. It's scientific name is Borassus flabellifer (Toddy Palm). Don't worry, it's not endanger tree nor it's a forest tree. It's belong to palm tree family. Just like other palm type tree bamboo, it's a renewable resource. We've been exporting these huge palm tree trunk vase for years and experience no difficulty with immigration office anywhere. Palmyra tree similar to coconut tree, it's not a protected plant.

The palmyra palm tree is a large tree up to 30m high and the trunk may have a circumference of 1.7m at the base. There may be 25-40 fresh leaves. They are leathery, gray green, fan-shaped, 1-3 m wide, folded along the midrib; are divided to the center into 60-80 linear- lanceolate, 0.6-1.2 m long, marginally spiny segments. It is commonly cultivated in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. It also occasionally planted in other warm regions including Hawaii and southern Florida. Its trunk seen in luxury shops, resorts residence as decoration worldwide, from Jamaica to Dubai.

Huge palm tree trunk vase from Indonesia. A beautiful home decor with strong natural look. Perfect for your home, garden, patio or lawn. Also look good as shop decoration. An eye catching shop landmark. Palm tree wood pots for hotel, resort or regency landscaping project. Made in Indonesia by CV Maya a manufacturer and exporter company of palm tree trunk vase (large palm tree trunk pots). We buy the palm tree trunk directly from plantations and processed it at our owned production facility. If you looking for palm tree trunk vase factory in Indonesia, then we're the right choice. We're able to offer these exotic garden decoration at very reasonable price.


Our palm pots for sale in 2 types. The "jumbo" palm pots and "slim" palm pots. The jumbo palm pots shown above. It has a big trunk. At least appoximately 60cm or more in diameter. The photo on the right side, shows you the "slim" palm pots. It has diameter almost half of the jumbo palm pots. It's smaller but it is also much easier to handle. The quantity inside the container for this slim palm pots, almost double the quantity for the jumbo palm pots. The palm tree with jumbo trunk is rare and getting more and more difficult to find. While the palm tree with slim trunk is very common. So we will ship an order for slim palm pots faster than an order for jumbo palm pots.

In other word. The benefit of ordering the slim palm pots is below:



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Shipping for palm tree vases from Indonesia:

These palm tree wood vases planters are big heavy. It's recommended to import these palm tree vases in container load. By importing these palm tree planters in container load, we can give you the best price possible shipping cost also the most cost effective. Besides, you will receive the palm vases planters in perfect condition. Since the loading unloading is done only once. Unlike Indonesian handicrafts or Indonesia teak furniture importer, you won't spend US$ 15,000 or more to fill a container with products. It takes only APPROXIMATELY 50pcs of 180cm to 200cm high (72 to 80inch) palm tree vases to fill a 20ft container. Below you will find an estimate cost for 20ft 40ft general container to major shipping ports:

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Large natural wood table from Bali Indonesia

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