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Balinese Stone Products for Garden Landscape from Bali The Indonesian archipelago contains more than 17,000 islands, 6000 of which are inhabited. Indonesia comprises six main islands, namely Sumatra, Java, and Bali, plus 30 smaller archipelagos containing more than 300 largely extinct volcanoes due to their location on a volcanic belt. From spectacular high mountain ranges and plateaux to coastal lowlands and alluvial belts, Indonesia is diverse and beautiful. Browse our products catalog, it comes from all over Indonesia. We're wholesaler for Bali Garden Decoration Products made of stone

Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing from Bali Indonesia. These carved stone lanterns can be seen in many gardens hotels around Bali!

Sculptures Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 63
Stone Lantern

Décor Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 64
Stone Lantern

Ornamental Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 65
Stone Lantern

Decorative Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 66
Stone Lantern

Memorials Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 67
Stone Lantern

Sculpture Works Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 68
Stone Lantern

Art Gallery Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 69
Stone Lantern

Web Gallery Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 70
Stone Lantern

Mystical Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 71
Stone Lantern

Sacred Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 72
Stone Lantern

Home Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 73
Stone Lantern

Garden Arts Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 74
Stone Lantern

Buddha Faces Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 75
Stone Lantern

Stupas Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 76
Stone Lantern

Pagodas Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 77
Stone Lantern

Swimming Pool Stone Lanterns Lamp Housing Bali Java Indonesia
Stone 78
Stone Lantern

Stone Lanterns
Stone 79
Stone Lantern

Stone Lamp Housing
Stone 80
Stone Lantern

Stone 81
Stone Lantern

Lamp Housing
Stone 82
Stone Lantern

Lava rock lantern. Garden lantern made of lava stone or vulcanic stone. Made in Indonesia. Stone Lamp Stand. Made in Java Indonesia. Outdoor garden lanterns from vulcanic rock.

Stone Lanterns from Bali Indonesia

Cut Stone Lanterns from Bali

Balinese Stone Lanterns

Cut Stone Lanterns Wall Hanging

Vulcanic stone lanterns from Indonesia Lava Stone lanterns

Rattan furniture from Indonesia. Rattan chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture made of real rattan from Indonesia. Handmade by skill rattan furniture craftsmen with years of experience in producing furniture for export market worldwide. Natural rattan furniture made in Indonesia. Rattan chairs from Indonesia. Rattan furniture factory located in Indonesia. Buy these natural real rattan furniture direct from factory in Indonesia. Enjoy export quality furniture at factory direct price. Buy from registered company.

Rattan furniture from Indonesia

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Bali Stone Products Garden Planters

A short article about Bali Indonesia
The landscape of Bali, 'Island of the Gods', is made up of volcanic mountains, lakes and rivers, terraced rice fields, giant banyans and palm groves and, on the coast, bays ringed with white sandy beaches. The island lies a short distance from the eastern coast of Java, across the Strait of Bali. Although its total area is only 2095 sq km (1309 sq miles) the island supports a population of approximately 2.5 million. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, the predominant religious faith is Hinduism, though in a special form known as 'Agama-Hindu'. Stretching east to west across the island is a volcanic chain of mountains, dominated by the mighty Gunung Agung (Holy Mountain) whose conical peak soars more than 3170m (10,400ft) into the sky. North of the mountains, where the fertility of the terrain permits, is an area devoted to the production of vegetables and copra. The fertile rice-growing region lies on the central plains. The tourist areas are in the south, around Sanur Beach and at Kuta, which lies on the other side of a narrow isthmus. Nearby Nusa Dusa is also a popular tourist area and has a number of reasonably priced resorts and hotels.

The island has thousands of temples - the exact number has never been counted - ranging from the great 'Holy Temple' at Besakih to small village places of worship. Of the many festivals, most are held twice a year and involve splendid processions, dances and daily offerings of food and flowers made to the gods. Cremations are also held in great style, though their cost is often almost prohibitive for the average Balinese family.

Indonesia encompasses at least 583 separate languages and dialects, many of them as different from each other as Welsh is from English. Since independence many people have developed a strong sense of national pride, and maintain traditions of dance, painting, woodcarving and stonecarving. Social courtesies are often fairly formal. In particular, when drink or food is served, it should not be touched until the host invites the guest to do so. Never pass or accept anything with the left hand. Public displays of affection between men and women is frowned upon and kissing in public will attract a great deal on unwanted attention. Touching a stranger of the same sex while in conversation is very common. Pointing is considered impolite and patting children on the head should be avoided. Indonesians are polite and will extend endless courtesies to visitors whom they trust and like. Smiling is a cultural tradition and Indonesians smile frequently, even in an uncomfortable or difficult situation. Visitors should avoid the temptation of losing their temper. When invited home, a gift is appreciated (as long as it is given with the right hand). Informality is normal, but a few smart establishments encourage guests to dress for dinner. Safari suits are acceptable on formal occasions and for business wear. Muslim customs, especially those concerning female clothes, should be observed. Tipping: Tipping is normal and 10% is customary, except where a service charge is included in the bill. Taxi fees should be rounded up to the nearest number. Small change is rarely given and visitors should carry a supply of their own.

Rattan banneton baskets from Indonesia. Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia. Also known as rattan banneton baskets or rattan brotform baskets. Popular among professional bakers. Handmade using natural rattan cane. Food safe, durable and cheap. Splinter free using selected rattan wicker and made using stainless steel nails only. Direct from rattan basket factory in Indonesia. Competitive pricing and experienced exporter company. Manufacturer and exporter company of Indonesian crafts since 2001. Contact us now by sending email to our Gmail address, see photo for our email address. Samples available. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Made to order, please order weeks in advance.

Rattan Proofing Baskets from Indonesia

View our catalog of Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil from Indonesia. Various kitchen tools and cutlery made of teak wood from Java Indonesia. Wide range of teak wood bowl, spoon and fork, teak wood chopping boards, trays and plates, pizza serving trays and teak wood dishes. All handmade using teak wood and other solid wood by skill craftsmen and craftswomen with years of experience in working for oversea market.

View our best seller Boat Wood Dining Room Furniture. See Boat Wood Dining Table and Chairs Furniture Sets. Furniture for your dining room. Reclaimed wood furniture for dining table and dining chairs. All made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats or old Javanese houses. Browse our web sites or chat with us on our social media, go to Bali Crafts linktree page.

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