Surfboard Wood Handicrafts from Bali by owned by CV MAYA, Decorative Surfboard exporter company in Bali Indonesia

Surfboard miniature with airbrush paintings from Bali Indonesia. Decorative surfboard as souvenir or handicrafts and wall hanging made by CV MAYA, replica surfboard wood crafts from Indonesian export company with experience in producing and exporting wooden surfboard. Buy direct from the producer and enjoy good quality and reasonable price. We ship from Java, cheaper than Bali. if you need to import surfing board crafts handpainted from Indonesia in large quantity, look no further. We guarantee best price.

Buy handpainted surfboard from surfboard manufacturer company in Bali. Surfboard souvenirs in wood from the factory. More info, email us using our online inquiry form

Decorative Surfboard Bali

Airbrush Surfboard Photo No.6

Bali surfboard miniature made of wood and air brush paintings with dolphins and beach painting. Buy from us, surfboard factory in Indonesia. Buy direct from the producer. Good price is guarantee. If you need large quantity of surfboard to import from Bali Indonesia. We could help you. We're surfboard exporter company in Bali with production facility in Java. We ship from Java.

Surfboard Wood Crafts Bali


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