Teak Wood Guksi Indonesia

Our company offers a wide range of handmade wooden guksa, including teak and teak root wood products sourced from teak plantation in Java. Our fair trade practices ensure that artisans from traditional villages are fairly compensated for their work. Our popular Nordic Acacia Wood Mugs, such as the Viking Style Kuksa Cup and Bushcraft Bowl, are perfect for nature walks, camping, and outdoor activities. Each cup is unique and made from natural solid wood, ensuring a comfortable grip with ergonomic designs. Our products are food-grade and eco-friendly. Shipping export quality products from Indonesia since 2001. Wholesale Supplier for Finland Wooden Mug, Viking Style Kuksa Cup, Groomsmen and Best Man Gifts. To order, contact us by email. Send us email to our Gmail address or chat online on WhatsApp. Details on our LinkTree Page. Link at the bottom of this page.

Handcrafted Teak Wood Kuksa Cups from Java Indonesia Artisan-made, Sustainable and Fair Trade

Nordic Style Mugs and Bowls for Drinking, Eating and Camping

We are a fair trade, wholesale supplier of handcrafted wooden crafts from Java, including teak wood, teak root wood, and other woods. Our products are made by skilled artisans from traditional villages, ensuring that each piece is unique and authentic. We are dedicated to sustainable sourcing and environmental responsibility, with a focus on using natural materials and promoting fair trade practices. Our signature product is the Kuksa Cup, a traditional Scandinavian drinking vessel that has been used for thousands of years. Each Kuksa is hand-carved from solid wood, including teak, walnut, beech, and acacia, and finished with food-safe oils and natural plant lacquer. These cups retain the traces of age and have their own story, with each piece being unique in color and pattern. The wooden handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip, making it perfect for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and foraging. Our Kuksa cups are perfect for drinking anything and everything, including water, tea, milk, and coffee. They can also be used as bowls for cereal, soups, salad, rice, and more. Our range includes the Finland Wooden Mug, Viking Style Kuksa Cup, Camping Juice Milk Coffee Drinking Cup Drinkware, Nordic Acacia Wood Mugs Bushcraft Bowl, Groomsmen Gift, Groomsman, Best Man Gifts, and Gifts For Men. We select and use teak wood, teak roots and other solid wood for our Kuksas, as the material is strong and reliable. This also ensures that there is no risk of liquid absorption. The natural lines and patterns of the wood make for beautiful designs, and each cup is a work of art. Indonesian teak plantation on Java Island of Indonesia is easily renewable and produced from sustainable sources, ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly. Our Kuksa cups are more than just a coffee cup or a tea cup - they are a link to ancient traditions and a connection to nature. Each cup is lovingly hand-carved by sustainable dishware makers, and offers a unique and authentic experience. They are lightweight, portable, sustainable, and beautiful, and make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. Thank you for considering our teak wood guksi. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, handcrafted items that are sustainable, ethical, and beautiful. We believe in promoting fair trade practices and environmental responsibility, and are committed to creating a better world for everyone.