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Woven wicker furniture direct from Java Indonesia. Woven furniture made of natural fibre wicker such as water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaf, abaca, rattan peel combined with wood. Suitable as indoor furniture. If you looking for natural wicker furniture factory in Indonesia, please contact us. We're able to supply you with these Indonesian furniture with very competitive price. Buy direct from furniture factory and furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Please view our catalog boat wood furniture.

For more information about our product or ordering, please send email or send WhatsApp message to https://wa.me/6281353357458. We have wide range of products, please view our catalog teak wood kitchen cutlery, teak wood serving trays and teak wood cutting boards. Handmade in Java Indonesia using teak wood. Even more Indonesia crafts products available on our sister site www.Bali-Crafts.com. Thank you for your visit.

Wicker and Wood Furniture Factory Indonesia. Our company CV Maya able to offer you these hand woven natural fibers and wicker furniture in very competitive price, furniture factory price direct from Java Indonesia. Contact us now!


Furniture Code: WOFI-P13-19
Natural fibre furniture from Indonesia. Woven wicker furniture. This furniture also available in any of this natural wicker such as banana leaves, abaca, water hyacinth, rattan peel or sea grass. All made in Indonesia.

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Rattan Furniture Factory Indonesia. View our photo gallery of skill rattan and other wicker furniture makers. Our rattan furniture and woven furniture made by skill furniture maker with generations of experience. For ordering, email us using our online inquiry form
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Furniture Production
Seagrass Furniture Factory
Java Indonesia


Indonesian Rattan Furniture Production
Production of rattan furniture from Indonesia


Indonesian Woven Furniture Production
Working with Hand Woven Dining Chair

Rattan furniture from Indonesia. Rattan chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture made of real rattan from Indonesia. Handmade by skill rattan furniture craftsmen with years of experience in producing furniture for export market worldwide. Natural rattan furniture made in Indonesia. Rattan chairs from Indonesia. Rattan furniture factory located in Indonesia. Buy these natural real rattan furniture direct from factory in Indonesia. Enjoy export quality furniture at factory direct price. Buy from registered company.

Rattan furniture from Indonesia

Round rattan bags from Indonesia. Women bags made of rattan. Natural and handmade fashion bags and purse for ladies and girls. Shoulder strap bags direct from factory in Indonesia. Very popular among girls and young ladies. If you need handmade rattan bags from factory in Indonesia. Please contact us, we are able to supply you with bulk quantity and competitive pricing.

Round Rattan Bags Indonesia

Water Hyacinth furniture from Indonesia. Direct from furniture factory, manufacturer and exporter company. We're able to provide you quality woven furniture with reasonable price.

Here is feature of woven furniture :

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If you need quality woven furniture direct from Java Indonesia, then our company is your choice. Contact us now.

Manufacturer of woven furniture such as daybeds, bench, stool, chair or living room furniture set. All made of natural fibers such as water hyacinth, sea grass, banana skin or rattan. All made in Java Indonesia.

All woven furniture made to order. Please order our woven furniture in advance. Production takes 3 weeks or more. Minimum order apply. Contact us for further info.

Woven furniture from Indonesia. We're able to supply you with all kind of woven furniture made in Indonesia. Rattan seagrass or wicker furniture from Java Indonesia. Wooden furniture combined with woven wicker or rattan from Java.

Woven furniture manufacturer. Searching for furniture factory in Java Indonesia who produce rattan furniture sea grass or water hyacinth furniture ? We can help you!

Indoor furniture made in Indonesia. Furniture suitable for living room, bedroom or hotel furniture. Direct from Java Indonesia. Good quality reasonable price.

rattan furniture made in Indonesia

Rattan Furniture from Indonesia

Woven furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Furniture for patio, lawn or garden. Also for indoor such as bedroom, living room etc. Looking for furniture factory in Java Indonesia ? We can help you. We're able to assist you in importing furniture made in Indonesia. There're many kind of woven furniture available. Woven furniture made of rattan, wicker, cane, sea grass, rattan peel, water hyacinth or banana leaves.

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Boat Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture from Indonesia

Live Edge Dining Table from Indonesia

Live Edge Dining Table. Large Wooden Slabs from Bali Indonesia

Large Dining Table Furniture from Indonesia